Monday, October 10, 2011

Walking In The Wind...

(The "Storm Scene" from Steamboat Bill, Jr, starring Buster Keaton.)

Boy, is it windy here in Savannah.  Whenever I am experiencing heavy winds during stormy weather, I always think of the above movie clip.  Sometimes I feel like I can relate to Buster Keaton, especially the part where he is fighting to walk against the wind and his body is practically parallel to the ground as he strains to move each foot forward.  Such a classic scene.  Keaton was brilliant.

We had some seriously heavy rains that started yesterday, and continued into mid to late morning.  The winds have been at a constant.  The strong gusts have been accompanied by an ever present roar, much like the roar of a continual series of waves crashing onto a shore.  There is something very meditative about it.  Very calming.

I did "throw caution to the wind" (*grin*), and decided to take the overflowing recycling to the dump.  Since there aren't any trees on the bit of land the dump is on, the wind was quite strong.  Needless to say, throwing the empty beverage cans into the aluminum bin was a rather dicey situation.  On the way over, I had a couple of moments where I thought some of the broken down boxes were to become airborne.  Thankfully, I made it there with everything still in the truck bed...sheesh...

I attempted to get some photographs of some of the plant life around the condo to illustrate just how intense the winds are.The one above is a better example than the Spanish Moss below.  The moss covered tree was rather dense, and the wind did penetrate the thick outer layer of branches, leaves, and timing was off.  Trust me when I say the moss in that picture was blowing up to the horizontal position.

The forecast says that we should be in for more rain.  I hope so.  We are well below where we should be in the rain department.  Maybe I should do a rain dance just to be sure...

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