Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Stroll, Some Leaves, and Haiku...

Below are some pictures I took over the weekend during one of my strolls in the neighborhood.  It's October, Autumn is officially here, the air outside is starting to cool and crisp up a bit, and the leaves have started to turn.  I am quite a fan of trees...I love to walk in wooded areas...and since leaves are on trees, I dig them, too.  The area I live in is beautiful any day of the year, but during my favorite season of Autumn it gets even more beautiful.

A poetry form that I really love is Haiku, and I have been trying my hand at it here and there.  In it's simplicity, it is actually very hard to write a Haiku.  As a writer I like to be very descriptive, and with the limited words and syllables of a Haiku poem I can have an extra hard time.  Actually, I would say that one of my Haiku difficulties is that I over think things.  Oh any rate, I decided to give Haiku a go and write some about my leaf pictures.  Over all, I am satisfied with the outcome.

The frail, withered leaf
like a tattered shroud remnant
slowly turned to dust.

~ Lisa Erin Brown

A little red leaf
flaming on asphalt, herald
of Autumn's return.

~ Lisa Erin Brown

Below the surface
mottled leaves float lazily
in the still water.

~ Lisa Erin Brown

Rest on the bottom
leaf of yellow, green, and brown -
a painting submerged.

~ Lisa Erin Brown

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