Saturday, October 22, 2011

Leaves & Water...

There is what appears to be a forgotten bird bath that I pass on one of my walk routes.  It has become a regular source of photographs for me.  It's "bowl" goes through changes...water level rises and falls, various pieces of flotsam float silently on it's still surface, or roll back and forth in barely discernible movements on it's bottom.  (I posted a few pictures I took there in the post titled "A Stroll, Some Leaves, and Haiku".)  Taking pictures of it has become a regular thing for me.  I really like the different elements of each the various pieces of plant life create textures in the water depending on size and the depth they are sitting at; whether there is any kind of wind ripple; the shadows on the waters' surface in contrast to the bowl's bottom and the leaves, etc.  I let some time pass since my last visit to the bird bath, and since it has been roughly 2 1/2 weeks since I was last there, I went by.  I am really pleased with the pictures I got.  Some of them are below.      

(All photos in this post are by:  Lisa Erin Brown)

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