Saturday, December 6, 2014

Full Moon In Gemini...December 6, 2014...


The last Full Moon for 2014 is here, and it is in the sign of Gemini. This cycle is going to be ‘fire’ and ‘air’ sign dominant. The holiday season is always filled with time spent in the company of our family and friends. An urge to party usually goes hand and hand with this time of year, and 2014 will be no different. There are some things to be conscious of though…

I’ll start off with the good. As a creative person myself, I am happy to say that Gemini represents (among other things) creativity. This Moon being in Gemini means that creative energy is abundantly available, especially to writers. Don’t be surprised if you are inundated with creative ideas. Any blockages you might have been experiencing will most likely be removed. Maybe even think of a collaboration as the Sun and Ceres conjoin Mercury…all three in the sign of Sagittarius. Sharing your ideas with others could have some positive results.

There is a troublemaker about. An Arian Uranus that is trine to the Sagittarian Sun/Mercury conjunction, and sextile the Gemini Moon. Add that Uranus is square Pluto in Capricorn, and you could have your hands full. The potential for mischief is not as distressing as the potential fallout. Blunt feelings and opinions will be delivered unimpeded by the deliverer’s mental filters. In other words, exercising tact is the best way to go. Extra effort will need to be made to avoid hurting the feelings of others.

(Artist: David Palladini)
Jupiter in Leo will be trine Venus in Sagittarius. There is great potential to extend your finances beyond their limits. As much as the holidays make us want to give those we love a special gift, leave extravagance by the curb. Shopping on a budget is strongly advised. Focus on spending what you can.

Positive practices are important for this Yule season. Be kind and use tact. Be aware that others may not strive to use the same tact with you, so keep your head calm. Relax. Laugh. Love. 

If there are terms in the above that you are unfamiliar with, here is a link to a great online astrological dictionary:

The following excerpt is from the Farmer's Almanac:

  • The Full Cold Moon; or the Full Long Night's Moon ~ December: During this month the winter cold fastens its grip, and nights are at their longest and darkest. It is also sometimes called the Moon before Yule. The term Long Night Moon is a doubly appropriate name because the midwinter night is indeed long, and because the Moon is above the horizon for a long time. The midwinter Full Moon has a high trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low Sun.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Everything Is Not Black & White...But Sometimes It Should Be...

The marsh. My little corner of Gaia that acts as one of my creative muses. I photograph it frequently, documenting it's moods and seasonal changes. Whether being drenched in rain pouring from a grumbling and lightning riddled sky, or being caressed gently by the lazy breezes of an autumnal dusk, it always exudes a serene and magical vibe of centered calm. Many a time I have walked the shores of my marsh here on the Georgia coast. Many a time I have been swept up by the soothing breath of Gaia to feel the comforting embrace of the swaying marsh grasses, the trees, the herons probing the mud of the marsh floor for food, and the hawks riding thermals overhead. To feel nature all around you is the most incredible feeling. I hold the belief that everything is connected. Every living thing is connected by a strong thread of energy. With the trials of everyday life it can make us forget can make us slip into a state of disconnect. Going out my front door, camera in hand, is my way of reconnecting.

Now that I have been promoted to full time at the mine my opportunities for evening strolls have diminished. When a chance presents itself I grab it with both hands. Especially since Autumn is here in all of her moody glory. A couple of evenings ago just such a chance arose, so I didn't hesitate to grab the digital and walk out into the fresh air. Even though I head out without a plotted course in mind I do visit some of the same spots. They may be repeat visits, but I always see something new or see things in a different way. The grasses of the marsh while once bright green and standing tall, are now colored with the browns and mustard yellows of the changing temperatures. They are heading towards the approaching days of dormancy and death that are inevitable for the time of renewal and rebirth several months off.

The cicada's song once dominated the air here, but this walk was different. It was quieter. The whisper of the gentle breezes in the drying leaves and abundant Spanish moss could be heard. The rustle of unseen creatures in the flora could be heard. The low murmur of voices coming from nearby condos could be heard. All forms of nature existing and moving along in rhythm. All a part of the thread.

The light level was waning during my walk...which is a common component of dusk. *grin* As things grow darker, and shadows form and grow lengthier, the world looks different. The mood I have repeatedly mentioned steps forward more. The beauty of things shifts. The absence of strong color forces a different perspective. When I returned home and uploaded my pictures I hung onto that thought of the color of the marshes not being as prevalent. I took things even farther and did something I really haven't done with my photos. Usually I like to mess with some of the pictures I take by playing with color, and applying different effects (switching them into negative, etc.). This time I took color out of the mix and went for black and white.
(The docks remains ~ a photography haunt of mine)
This was the first of the photos that I converted. My first observation was how it made me see more of the shape and the line of the image's elements. It was as if things were laid bare and shown in their simplest form. Then what came through made things more abstract. The grey. The component that really brought in the mood. A different mood. Different than the mood of color, but not off-putting. Quite the opposite. I really dig what black and white does for these images because it feels 'right' for the time the photos were taken. New sides of the marsh I have grown to know well.

All of the things represented in these photos are things I have photographed before. Autumns past have been documented in pictures, but these are the first images that I have laid bare. As I mentioned earlier, things or places I have photographed always seem to present something fresh or new to me when I revisit them. This is yet another perspective to observe them. Another way to view the beauty of Mother Earth.

I'm a bit surprised that I hadn't ventured into the area of "B&W" photography before now...there will definitely be more to come...

(The marsh expanse I never tire of)

(Old stump near the dock remains)

(Pampas grass)

(Bird house in a Dogwood tree along the tidal creek - one I've photographed in leafier times)

(Some nuts from one of the trees - not sure which)

(A couple of our neighbor's homes on the other side of the tidal creek behind our condo - the tide is out)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween...2014...

The thinning of the veils is taking place, and the pagan New Year is about to begin. Samhain, Halloween, All Hallows...whatever one wishes to call my favorite of the holidays. Autumn has fully settled in, and the spirit of the season is at it's strongest.

Unfortunately, I seem to be coming down with something, so I wasn't up to "going out among them" (as my dad would say). We had planned to head up to our local watering hole to observe whatever festivities would be going on. I haven't been up there in quite awhile, so it would have been nice to go. Glenn made a solo appearance, and the report I got when he returned was that the scene there was dead. Meaning there were hardly any people there. *grin* It seemed I didn't miss anything, so that alleviated some of my disappointment.

I did run errands as today was a day off (gotta love feeling ill on a day off). The stores were packed with people buying last minute Halloween supplies. Cart loads of candy, mostly. When leaving the market, I saw a couple of costumed kiddies. A pint size Spiderman, and a mini-War Machine. On my drive home from there I saw other 'Trick or Treaters' that seemed to all be heading to the same place. Don't know where or what that place might be...I just know they weren't headed to the condos here. We never have anyone ring our doorbell asking for candy. Children do live here. They just never seem to make the rounds.

I did expend some of my low supply of remaining energy to take a few pictures of the All Hallows sky. By the time I got home the orange glow coloring the clouds had diminished a bit. The sun sets on the far side of the trees, so I don't usually get to see it in my neck of the woods. The crisp air felt great.

The moon was visible as it made it's way through it's celestial paces. The 'fingernail' appearance of several days ago had changed to what resembled half of a breath mint. As I was taking a few shots of Luna I lucked out as a number of herons flew overhead. I managed to get this shot of four of them, their large wings beating the air in tandem.

Tomorrow I report back to the mine, but even though I will be hard at work the Samhain spirit will be strong. To the pagans, a blessed Samhain to you all. To everyone else, Happy Halloween.