Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sleepless in Savannah...

Computers...for their many wonderful uses they sure can be a pain in the neck. This computer is heading south, I think. Having monitor and graphics quality issues. Unfortunately, it's not something as simple as a problematic monitor. The problems we're having are more about the graphics card and/or the mother board. On no particular schedule, the monitor will go to black and say 'No Signal'. The only way to get things back up and running is to cut the power on the CPU, and reboot the system. Not the best thing to do to a computer. Thankfully, this one is getting replaced in the next few days. I've noticed a definite degradation of the graphics quality on here, so hopefully the random photos I stuck in this post look okay. I am having trouble getting a proper read on them. At any rate, this narcoleptic monitor has kept me from writing any posts. Once I get writing, I don't save as often as I should. The chances of losing something because the monitor took a sudden snooze are great. (Excuse me while I go 'Save'.)

Insomnia is visiting my house again tonight. I wish I could go to black and say 'No Signal'. Suppose I eventually will...

The photos I included in this are from various short walks around the condo here. I look at any foray into the world outside of our abode as a photo op. Don't always remember to grab the camera when I head out, which usually results in a colorful word or two because I will inevitably see at least one thing I would like to photograph. In any event...

The picture at the top of the post is the moon. Sort of between 'fingernail' and half-mast status. Not the best, but I do like the blue hue that showed up in that one shot.

A trip to the mailbox was where the next two were snapped. The rose was along the bank out back of the building. The photo below is of a Dogwood tree. Didn't catch the blooms at their best. Not 100% sure if their ragged appearance was due to them being past their prime, or the strong winds we've had lately. Most likely a combination of the two.

This last photo is from a trip up to our local watering hole, 'The Islander'. Glenn and I go there every once in awhile to "shoot some stick". I was quite the good pool player in college, but it's not like riding a bike. Oh, I have periods where it comes back to me a bit, but pool skills have to be exercised for them to remain sharp. We'll go up there for a few games. There is also a bit of 'laughing and scratching' with Rudy (the owner), and Aaron (one of the bartenders). We usually see at least a few of the other regulars we know. I guess you could kind of call it our "Cheers"...

I am in the process of gearing up for a trip north to Nashville to pick-up the last piece of my inheritance from my mother's estate. She left me her car. I am thrilled to be getting it as I need my own wheels, and I'm currently...wheel-less. It's an Audi TT...vroom, vroom! My trip is slated for next week, and I've got quite a bit to do between now and then.

It is roughly 10 days until this retrograde cycle is over. This coming Sunday, the 17th, marks the next Full Moon. This one will be in Libra. More on that to come...when the new computer arrives. Maybe tomorrow.

Think I will go see about some shut eye (knocking wood).


  1. I am lost in admiration of your dogwood tree photo, Lisa. It has a lacy yet stark quality that would be amazing enlarged to a full picture/painting size.

  2. love the photos have a safe trip.

  3. Thanks, Deborah. I love the moss here. It does soften things.

    Thanks, Adriana. :)

  4. The Islander sounds like fun! I'd love having a Cheers-type place to go and see familiar faces - not that I ever go out. I learned to shoot pool after college, but I didn't get to practice enough to ever get much good at it.

  5. Nancy: I used to be really good, but if my current 'skill level' is any is something I enjoy from time to time, so I'll just keep it in that light.

    The Islander is fun. It's small, and there are always some characters in there. It actually reminds me a lot of the bar in my play. The first time I was there, I was sitting there looking around. All of a sudden it dawned on me. It's surprisingly how I picture the inside of "Pete's Billiards & Brew".