Monday, April 25, 2011

Home Again, Home Again...

Thursday morning I caught a plane to Nashville. I was en route to get the last portion of my inheritance from my mother. She left me her car, a 2001 Audi TT Quattro.

My brother and I have been going around and around with our respective state motor vehicle departments, and it has truly proven to be the proverbial nightmare. Georgia (where I live) and Maryland (where my brother lives) were "passing the buck" to one another. I did my homework on how my brother and I should proceed a couple of months before probate ended, and we followed the instructions I got to the 'T'. It turns out that the woman who gave me the instructions was wrong. It resulted in an absolute headache for my brother and I. We truly didn't know where to turn. Moving forward hinged completely on our ability to get a clean copy of the title, and Nashville (where our mother lived) appeared to not be cooperative since our mother was deceased...sigh...

The morning of my flight north, my uncle made a trip to his local DMV office and found an answer to our dilemma. Well, hopefully he has. At least we seem to be moving forward on the issue again. If all goes well, I should be the legal owner of the car in a month or so. Yes, I wish it could be resolved quicker than that, but the majority of the time will be spent waiting for copies of titles to be printed and mailed. The time involved doesn't bother me as long as things get rectified.

(Pink Dogwood Blooms)

Nashville is a beautiful place, as is the southern United States as a whole. As I mentioned, I arrived on Thursday, and Friday was spent engaging in fun activities. In the wee hours, my uncle and I dropped the car off for a couple of new tires, and then he, my aunt, and I, checked out an estate sale. There wasn't a lot to be had. At least not from my perspective. I did get a few items. A couple of southern novels from the early 1900's (which I'm looking forward to reading); a bound set of vinyl records containing excerpts from Shakespeare's Hamlet as read by Maurice Evans (he is a classically trained actor, but most people will most likely know him as Samantha's father on the TV show "Bewitched"); a large mortar and pestle made out of rough stone that I think was of Indian...feather not (I plan on using this to aid me in a new interest ~ making loose incense).

(Immature Blossom From a Tulip Poplar)

I was originally going to be making my 9 hour (roughly) drive from Nashville to Savannah on Sunday, but certain factors influenced a decision to head back on Saturday. I have rheumatoid arthritis and Friday night it started flaring up considerably. I figured it was better to get my drive over with Saturday while I still had some use of my right hand.

My drive was uneventful and enjoyable. Other than a pocket of a couple of miles just south of Atlanta, I didn't hit any traffic of note. The majority was filled with great music I listened to in the 80's...much of it from my time spent as a college disc jockey. It wasn't music I supplied by way of CD. It was music I found on the radio. I considered it a 'score'. Great music, and my own was peaceful and nice.

The last week or so I've been kind of out of my rhythm with my posts here...this car nonsense has been eating a bit of my 'mental' time. I have several posts to follow. Soon.

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