Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Morning Sky...

An overcast morning. Stepping out onto my front porch to retrieve the paper, I noticed a hint of an orange glow burning intermittently through the skies moody blanket of clouds. I was moved to venture down by the marshland to see the skyline in broader scale.

After throwing on jeans and sandals, I headed out with camera in hand. A cool breeze stirred the trees. It being quite early, there weren't many signs of life. A car passed me carrying it's driver to work. Various unknown types of birds filled several trees...they were heard and not seen. Buddhism talks about the connection of all life. The energy that flows through all living things being one. Although, I am not a fully realized Buddhist I have spent some time exploring that realm of spirituality. It's times such as the natural world of that morning that make one truly feel connected to things. Connected, and at peace.

As I reached the skeletal dock remains by the cul de sac, I was able to see the clouds roiling above the horizon. The beauty of them was both eerie and mesmerizing. We were supposed to have overcast skies for a good portion of the day. In the slow moving waves of unproductive storm clouds (we wouldn't see any rain...unfortunately) there were sections where the sun fought it's way through to make it's appearance for the day. It was like a battle of wills.

When I rounded the building by the marsh, I was met with a spectacular scene. The photo doesn't do it justice. With the dramatic coloring and texture of a painting, I half expected to see members of the Greek pantheon lounging in the clouds. Stunning.

What a way to start a day...


  1. so did i posted some on todays was so beautiful and peaceful

  2. I know that there are clouds everywhere, but the clouds here are quite special. Really beautiful.