Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Mystery of The Clicking TV...

I had something weird happen about a week and half ago, and it's still on my mind. I'm trying to come up with some sort of explanation for it.

I've been having a lengthy stretch of insomnia, which is not uncommon for me. If I do get any sleep, I usually conk out in the morning anywhere from 3:00 to 8:00, and it's only for a few hours of not very restful half-sleep. The night in question was no different, and I conked out around 5:00 am on the living room sofa.

So I'm about an hour to an hour and a half into my usual sleep pattern. Asleep, but more in that in-between Alpha State than true slumber. I was having some odd dreams. These days when I do dream, it is bound to be a weird one. I'm laying there and distantly hear a click, followed by a kind of silence. Then there is another click and the background noise of the TV that has been there ever since I drifted off is re-introduced. At that point I really have no idea what is going on. Then there is another click, the low voices in the room disappear (I had turned the volume on the TV down in hopes that I would eventually fall asleep). However many seconds later, another click, and the murmur of the TV voices returns. As I focused more on the clicks, etc., I was gradually pulled back into the room. It happened again a few minutes later. 'Click'. The room became silent. 'Click'. The TV voices were chatting away again. I hadn't opened my eyes yet, and I was feeling slightly creeped out. It happened again. I wanted to open my eyes, but my lids were beginning to glue themselves shut in avoidance of what I might see.

Then I had a thought. I fell asleep on the sofa. Maybe I still had my glasses on which could also mean that I still had the remote on me? Maybe during my sleep I had wedged the remote in a way that when I moved I was turning the TV on and off? Made perfect sense...except for the one fact that I could definitely tell I wasn't wearing my glasses. Okay...well, the remote then. It had to be the remote. Mustering up an uneasy courage I opened my eyes. The lamp on the end table at the sofa end where my head had been was on. So was the television. My fluffy purple blanket was partially draped over my lower legs and partially on the floor. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary in the room. I looked on my lap and under some of the folds in the blanket for the remote. Nothing. Then the TV went off. I got a slight chill, but I wasn't freaking out. Standing up, I lifted and shook out the blanket, probed between the sofa cushions looking in every possible hiding place...nothing. Then the TV 'clicked' back on. Where was that darn remote? I rechecked around the sofa until I plopped onto it in bewilderment. It was then that my eyes went to the surface of the coffee table...where both of the remotes sat undisturbed...side by side.

This was too weird, and a little unsettling. I was completely awake by that point. This was most definitely NOT a dream. I looked directly at the TV for the first time since I had opened my eyes. It 'clicked' off.

My eyes went to the cable box on a lower shelf of the stand the TV is on. It was on per usual. The culprit could not have been the cable box. Anyway, if the cable had gone out, it would not cause the power to the TV to shut off. About 30 seconds later the TV came back on.

Picking up both remotes (we have one that came with the TV, and the cable remote we got from Comcast), I used each one to turn the TV off and on. They both worked fine. After I did that, the TV remained on and the strange happenings stopped. The strange energy in the room stuck around for awhile, too. What had just happened?

To say that I remain puzzled is an understatement. I cannot definitively say what was going on. It all remains a mystery. I'm open to any theories if anyone has one.


  1. Hmmm.. sounds like some Bonaventure cemetary paranormal activity ;)

  2. lol...this thing has me baffled. I've been trying to remember what I was dreaming about. I've been having some really bizarre and sometimes spooky ones. Who knows? The most disturbing part of it is that I was awake while it was happening, so it wasn't a dream. There was no rhythm...it was quite random in its timing. Very strange.

  3. I think I would have been really freaked out! I was just listening to a Snap Judgment podcast today in which a young woman was telling a story about living in a haunted house in Mexico. The house didn't have air conditioning, so she had a fan that she pointed at her bed. But every night she would wake up and find the fan turned to the wall. And she had bought a lighter to light the gas stove. So in the night she would hear a click, click sound, like the lighter. The next morning, the brand new lighter was empty. The biggest event was when she came home and found the piano playing by itself!

  4. I still haven't thought of a logical explanation for my TV incident. It still is nagging at me. Living in haunted places is really interesting. I would get creeped out at first, but I adjusted. For me, the really creepy place was the one where I lived 'alone'.

    When I was young, I was sitting in the living room of an old family friends grandparents house. Their piano played while we were sitting there. It wasn't a tune, but just random keys. Very spooky, yet cool at the same time. They said it happened a lot, among other things. I think I might have shared about that house in this blog, but not sure.