Friday, July 15, 2011

Capricorn Full Moon...

At 2:40 AM/EST, we had a Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn. It is the first non-eclipsed full Capricorn moon since 2009. That's kind of interesting considering we just finished having a trio of eclipses over the last month, or so.

We came out of Cancer into Capricorn, both feminine signs, and both nocturnal in nature (night oriented): Cancer being governed by the Moon, and Capricorn by Saturn. They relate in that they both focus on family and security. They urge us to focus on our interpersonal relationships as related to conflicts within our families. They also tell us that we need to focus on ourselves - feelings, current difficulties, healing and moving forward, etc. Several of the sites I visit mentioned that we might feel the urge to poke our nose into others business to control their situations, but we will not be successful (and it could cause problems that might have lasting damage attached). The best recommendation is to focus those energies inward and work on the 'self'.

Since we have just passed out of an "eclipse season" of three, there is a lot of garbage that has bubbled to the surface. Acknowledging all of that and resolving it so that we can move forward has been a pretty constant theme over the last number of weeks, but now it is truly a time to look inward and figure our individual best course to decipher any residual issues, deal with them, and throw them out. New Moons signal a time for new beginnings, and Full Moons signal the culmination of things. Basically, the time is ripe for dealing with things so you'll be ready to start down some new paths when the next new moon arrives.

My non-professional amalgamation of my usual moon time reading.

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