Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mabon Musings...2014...

("At The First Touch of Winter, Summer Fades Away",
Artist: Valentine Cameron Prinsep, c. 1897)

Finally. The return of Autumn. Every year as Autumn gives way to Winter I always feel a bit sad. I know it will come round again, but it is by far my favorite of the four seasons. If I had enough pull with Gaia I would put in a strong bid for it to be Autumn all year. The temperatures; the weather; the colors; most importantly the vibe...absolute perfection in my book.

It has been several weeks since I have gone for a photography walk, and I was not going to miss taking one for the equinox. The first official day of Fall. A cause for celebration. I took advantage of having the day off yesterday to venture out on the marsh. It was hot. I was shvitzing in no time. The usual marsh breeze was kicking up so it made things a bit more bearable at the expanses edge, but only just. Actually the heat didn't bother me too much as it felt so incredibly good to be outside. Breathing the fresh air; smelling the earthiness of the marsh; watching the cattails sway gently in the breeze...sublime.

As I am wont to do, I wandered around exploring. I waited for something to catch my eye...something always catches my eye. I encountered more mushrooms than usual. Mostly like the round off-white and mottled one above. I saw many of those in various sizes, either clumped together or on their own. At one point I thought I saw a fairy ring, but as I got closer it was just a large "colony" in a widespread pattern. Bummer. I Googled to see if I could find out what they are called and the closest thing I cold find was a member of the genus "Chlorophyllum molybdites". Not that I was planning on cooking them up for consumption, but they are said to not be poisonous but could make one very sick if ingested. The other mushrooms I encountered (below) were under one of the trees near the dock remains. Of the mushrooms pictured on Google I guess I would say they look closest to the Jack O'Lantern 'shrooms. They are said to be highly poisonous. 

Texture is something I am always drawn to whether it's palm fronds, pampas grass, or tree bark. There is a wooden 'tie' embedded in the ground not far from the dock remains that I have photographed sections of upon occasion. I assume it to have once been part of said dock. I was looking it over deciding if there was anything I wanted to snap a photo of and I noticed some movement inside the one hole that has obviously developed over time. I looked closer and saw one of the tiny Fidler crabs that live on the marsh dart to the side out of view. He...she...'it' slowly appeared and darted the other direction. It did it's little dance a couple of times before disappearing altogether. I tried to take its picture, but it was too skittish.

I continued down the marsh bank to the pond and back. No one was about, but I did pass a man who was sitting on his back porch. Reclined back with an open book resting across his stomach he was napping comfortably in the shade. I passed quietly allowing him his peace. Moving on I enjoyed mine. My period of zen. 

Today is the day after my walk, and it's the official first day of Fall, the Autumnal Equinox. I felt Autumn's approach when I walked out the front door early this morning to go to work. Considerably cooler than yesterday. So welcome. I'm tired of all of the heat we have had. I can't wait for jacket weather. To see the leaves change color. To feel the mood shift and make the sipping of a hot cup of cider comforting against the chill outside. 

Welcome back Autumn, my old friend. I missed you.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Shine On Harvest Moon...2014...

("Harvest Moon"; by Samuel Inness, 1805-1881)
Mabon is near. The Harvest Moon acted as herald. Here on the marsh we had been having some cloud cover in the couple of days leading up to it. It looked like I was going to experience the August Full Moon all over again in not getting to see Luna in her fullness on the night of the official phase. The cloud cover for the night of September 8th did remain for the most part, but I was allowed to see the bright glowing orb through the veil. There she was through a window in the gauze, wisps filtering over like tatters from a shroud.

I can't wait for autumn to arrive, but obviously I know I must. It won't be long now. Just three more days...I think I can handle that.

The Harvest Moon was beautiful as full moons generally are. This one was especially bright allowing farmers to reap what they have sown in her glow. I am not a farmer, but I did bask in her rays. I met her gaze as she looked down on me and my corner of things...and I snapped some photos. I am posting some of them later than intended, and as is usual with pictures they don't do her justice. A selection of them follows.

The equinox is up next.