Saturday, April 2, 2011

Retrograde Mercury in Aries...Oh My...

Mercury is currently in retrograde for the first of 3 for 2011. We are just a few days into the 3 week duration of this one. Typically, I don't look forward to the unpredictability of these retrograde stretches. Things don't really go as planned, and walking on eggshells is always necessary. One of the usual recommendations is to not start anything new until it's passed. No projects, nothing that deals with finances...ya know, "Life". One can't very well put their life completely on hold for 3 weeks. (Think I just heard the crunch of more shells...)

This Mercury retrograde is in the Zodiacal sign of Aries. Confidence and enthusiasm are strong with Aries. The ram likes to act and show initiative, so it's no surprise that Aries is all about moving forward and doesn't like looking back to past events and actions. I can be impatient on a good day, so I expect to feel a considerable amount of it over the next few weeks. This retrograde period started on March 30th and will run through April 23rd. Buckle up and hang prepared for anything.

It is said that retrogrades are a time for "do-overs". Okay, so maybe it's not all problematic. There's just so much uncertainty and chaos that usually bubbles up around me during these times. I know I'm not alone in that. So...3 weeks for reconsideration and re-evaluation with the potential for communication malfunctions? Sounds about par for the course.

One thing to clarify...there's nothing that says that a good thing can't happen. This is just a time for personal transformation. It's just not an ideal time for starting anything new. Focus on things you might be able to put right. Most importantly, be prepared for communication malfunctions because they will happen.

Our universe is geared towards the Sun. Mercury upon occasion jumps ahead a bit and throws the timing off. The retrograde periods are when Mercury gets back in step with the universal timing. Mercury gets reined in, which signifies the period of reflection and re-evaluation. This year's 3 are all about fire signs:
  • March/April ~ Aries
  • August ~ Leo (I am a Leo...not sure what that means yet in relation to the retrograde...)
  • December ~ Sagittarius
So...if between now and April 23rd you feel frustrated, or experience some 'static' in communications, just remember...Mercury is retrograde, and this too shall pass.


  1. Lots of good advice in your Aries post even if you're not into astrology. (I would have written this there, but there seems to be a picture in the way of the comments invitation.)

    Is the outlook even more fiery if you live with an Aries husband and daughter?!

  2. Astrology is a continual learning process, in my opinion, and I still have a lot to learn. Planetary positions are a major focus, but I find it to be highly intuitive, too. I tend to focus more on some of the bigger astrological happenings (new and full moons; bigger planetary events). The moon has always been a fascination with me (along with the rest of the cosmos).

    Sounds like it's rather 'flamey' at your house. :) Lot's of Aries energy. I would say that the potential effects of the retrograde could be amplified some. Retrogrades always create negatives of one sort or another. This particular period seems to have it's main influence in two areas - one negative (communication issues), and one a bit more positive (taking the time to reflect and possibly right a past wrong).

    I usually share some of the posts from the Symbolic Living site because they cover things in a very articulate way that everyone can understand. So much of the other posts out there are filled with Houses, Risings, Ascendants, etc., which kind of become jibberish for many. lol If you want to check out the Symbolic Living site, I have a link on my links page. Just scroll to the top and click on 'Links'. They have a lot of interesting postings.