Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scorpio New Moon...

(Artist:  David Palladini)
Today (October 26, 2011) there is a New Moon in Scorpio, and it is quite fitting. It is the zodiacal sign that pertains to the 'darker' side of life, and deals with death, rebirth, and regeneration.  A lot of people have a deep seated fear of death, but there are different forms of 'death'.  There is the cut and dry relationship of life and death when looking at them on the face.  Then there is the deeper meaning of death in a more symbolic way when dealing with actions and emotions.  This New Moon signifies the need to revive and acknowledge painful and disturbing issues from our past, to put them to 'death' as it were.  We are about to experience the 'death' of another year, that will be followed by a darker rejuvenation period until light signals the return of a new year with the Winter Solstice (December 21st).  During this dark rejuvenation phase, slam that emotional garbage truck into reverse and unload all of the waste you've been hanging onto.  Be strong.  This is a potent time.

The celebration of Samhain (pronounced: Sow-wen) Is just around the corner. It is the pagan new year, and it marks the time when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest.  It's a time to honor death in all of it's aspects.
The Scorpio New Moon is also a Balsamic Moon.  When the Moon is in a Balsamic phase, it signals the need for our system to go through a psychic detox.  It's a time to pause, reflect, and let things go.  Don't downplay your part in those things you have filed away, and that are weighing you down.  Did you try?  Did you do your best?  Acknowledge it head on, and let it go.

Just as Samhain is a time when the veil between the living and the dead thins, a Balsamic Moon indicates a thinning of the veil between the conscious and subconscious.  It is a prime time to really pay attention to dreams. Our higher mind has important information to convey to us, and its means of communication is through our dreams.  Whether you are asleep dreaming, daydreaming,'s all good and productive stuff.  Everyone needs to connect with themselves.  Think of it as a part of over all health.  Get some alone time.  Getting out for a walk, writing, listening to music...everyone has their own means of "escape".  It is also said that during this particular lunar phase, we are more connected to the 'collective unconscious'.  That part of our minds works on a different system or level.  A hidden place that is more connected to the ethereal.

(Celtic Circle of Life)
Something that will help in getting through this transitional period is to take a cue from Libra, the sign of 'Balance'.  It is important to fairly balance the two extremes, the duality of 'life' and 'death'.  By balancing life with death, and vice-versa, we can achieve an inner balance of the two.  Probably the most common thing that prevents many of us from facing things, and looking to achieve balance and harmony in our lives and within ourselves is 'fear'.  It is our fears that hold us back from the 'Circle of Life', where everything flows freely and unobstructed.  Recognize the fear for what it excuse to ignore, and avoid.  Be strong and push fear aside.  Release the 'dead' stuff, so new 'life' can brightly flourish.

During this period assess how 'honest' and 'open' a person you are towards others, and towards yourself.  Being open can sometimes create a problem in a relationship, but there is also the potential to forge a deeper more lasting relationship.  As they say...honesty is the best policy.  This phase also stresses to gaining a greater understanding of conflicts associated with what you have, and what you desire.  It's definitely not a time for the drastic, but it is a time to reflect on those things you truly want to create or transition so you will feel more fulfilled in the long run.

Looking at some of the other planets and their positions in all of this indicates strength and potential for growth.  I'll break some of it down...

  • Venus and Mars are in Scorpio, as well.  This is a prime time to 'plant some seeds'.  Been thinking of a new project?  There is great potential for abundance.

  • The Sun and New Moon are grounded and enriched by Pluto in Capricorn, as they oppose Jupiter.  Expansive opportunity is indicated.

  • Jupiter is trine to Pluto, and energized by the Moon.  Productive investments are there to made, but not just monetarily.  Make investments in 'energy'.  There is plenty of it to tap into.

  • The New Moon is opposite Jupiter, and a sextile Pluto.  With overall positive energy at the forefront, difficulties in finding happiness and evolving within ourselves and in relationships with others might present themselves.  Sextile Pluto will be giving off great force and power.  Relax, focus, and try to tap into the good energy to carry you through.  You may experience forces at work that might seem to be out of your control, that will push you into a conflict in order to resolve an issue.  Not every issue in your personal housecleaning will be easy.

This is a busy and important Moon phase.  Out with the old and in with the new.


Trine:  An aspect of easy energy.  It creates an ease in life, enhances natural talents or abilities, and is an enjoyable area of life.  Trines are generally positive.

Sextile:  An aspect, it contributes positive energy.  It creates happiness, an easy going attitude, enjoyment.  This area represents loving energy.  It is easy to maintain.

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