Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Paranormal Witness"...

As someone who watches a lot of television shows that involve the paranormal, I was looking forward to checking out the Syfy Channel's new hour long series, "Paranormal Witness".  I was not disappointed.  The production is really good, excellent even when compared to other shows of the same format.

For some time I have been a regular watcher of the shows "A Haunting", on the Discovery Channel, and "The Haunted", on Animal Planet.  Both have interviews with people who have had haunting experiences.  Both show formats entail the interviewed...I'll call them 'hauntee's'...recounting their experiences, along with re-enactments of what happened.  'Paranormal Witness' is no different in terms of format.  It does exhibit two main differences though.

The first is the stories the 'hauntees' share.  Not to say that one story is more or less frightening than another.  Hauntings involve fear.  Just because one person's story isn't as dark as anothers, doesn't mean that the fear isn't just as real or intense.  It's just that the stories on PW are more involved, if that makes sense.  They seem to be more solid, more hardcore as far as the events.  I will say that I think the spooky factor is directly related to the quality of the re-enactments on 'PW'.  The sets are dressed well, the lighting and effects are done well, and the acting is much better.  The re-enactments just have higher production value.  The first episode I saw, I had a hard time believing that the story being related was real.  That the interviewed 'hauntee' was indeed a member of the public, and not a paid actor.  It was interesting with just the right amount of creepiness.

If you like paranormal television and haven't seen "Paranormal Witness", I highly recommend it. Here is the link if you want to check out the official site.  They are currently streaming the first episode, "Haunted Highway/Kentucky UFO Chase".    

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