Friday, February 14, 2014

Full Moon in Leo...February 14, 2014...

It is Valentine’s Day, 2014. It is also the day of February’s Full Moon in the sign of Leo. This particular moon peaked at 6:55PM EST, but as the energies will be in effect for a little bit I don’t feel completely remiss in writing this. Over the last couple of days I have been experiencing what I hope aren’t the beginning stages of one of my occasional bouts of insomnia. Looking at the state of things up there and the implications, I can understand why.

This lunation has a bit to do with choices. There are some trouble makers among the various aspects, and some effort will have to be made to push past them. February 14th has the mystique of romance attached to it, but expectations of being swept off of one’s feet by a significant other, or even a new love, will most likely see some difficulty. That is unless the aforementioned ‘effort’ is consciously applied.

There is a Cardinal T-Square with Jupiter in Cancer, and Arian Uranus and Pluto conjunct Venus in Capricorn. A fixed T-Square with Saturn in Scorpio and the lunar axis will apply some pressure. Simplicity is key when fixed signs are about. It is fine to express your Valentine’s Day amorous intents, but it is advised to veer away from the heavy handed approach. Stick to giving a card. Be genuine rather than go for the flash. An Aquarian Sun and the Leo moon are involved in a fixed T-Square, with Saturn in Scorpio at the apex. Big, grandiose Valentine’s related gestures designed as a big surprise to your intended…a good time to reconsider. Doesn’t really jive well with fixed signs. Not a good combination. Jupiter in Cancer’s involvement means family squabbles are pretty imminent. Rebellious teens wanting to spread their wings…that sort of thing.

Known for being rather tactless, Aquarian Mercury is back and conjoined with the Aquarian Sun, both in a square to Saturn. While Aquarius tells it like it is (from its perspective), Scorpio will act as counterpoint as it is all about keeping a cool head, and being reserved. Saturn will be direct with Aquarius about laying off for a bit. Mercury went retrograde as of February 6th, in the sign of Pisces, and will last until February 28th, to finish up in Aquarius. There are strong leanings to focus on the retrograde as a time to consider things before eventually putting them into action. Think before you speak.

When you have more than one fixed sign, they can butt heads. Don’t let bull headed stubbornness get in the way of constructive resolution. Libran Mars is around to help things in a trine to the sun, and being sextile to the moon. Finding the middle ground is something that Libra excels at, so giving an effort to be fair minded can result in success.

On to some emotion based things for this lunation. A Full Moon on Valentine’s Day will be expected to have some heavy love effects. The love angle is there, which I will get to in a moment. This moon is one of unusually high energy, which is definitely emotionally charged. There is nothing low-key about it, and love/positivity is at the forefront. I think most of us are guilty of putting on a façade rather than just being ourselves. Call it adverse effects of political correctness. I’m not saying that we should be raging, tactless ninnies, but I think we often say what is expected rather than saying how we really feel. We cease to be ‘us’ in certain situations. As a result we can unconsciously lose touch with ourselves, which trickles down to affecting our other relationships. I’m going to get a tad corny here, but I shall quote my favorite drag queen, RuPaul: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”
(Artist: David Palladini)
The luminous effects of this moon will help shed light on barriers that are keeping you from seeing, and dealing with some painful issues. Some of them could be quite old. We all carry baggage around…I’ve got a several piece luggage set at the moment myself (lol). The best plan of attack when looking inwardly is to focus on your personal happiness. If you’re happy, then your other relationships will benefit.

During a Full Moon, the sun is in opposition to the Moon. The current opposition can stir up an inner conflict between our idea of love, and our expectation of being in love/loved. There is also a potential here. A potential to let go, and be open to freedom to be loved and love unconditionally. It’s not a time to be selfish. This goes back towards the beginning of the post when I mentioned “choices”. Getting some inner peace right now is attainable. It’s attainable through a commitment to action…to choices.

This Leo moon is kind of a double playing field. There is just as much potential for it to be a bumpy ride with emotions high and fueling drama, as there is to make a conscious choice to focus on you and give yourself some love. Get in touch with ‘you’, not the façade. Allow yourself to uncover and face up to a few things you may not realize are an issue. Be true to you and allow the good parts of you to shine. It can only help your other relationships when you are delivering the genuine article. This moon is good for shining a light on what needs healing, and what can just be let go. Pay attention.

If you would like to know the meaning of some of the terminology used in this post, the following link is to a good online Astrology Dictionary:

The following excerpt is from the Farmer's Almanac:
  • Full Snow Moon ~ February: Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February's full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult.

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