Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fog & Marsh...

Fog and the marsh. My favorite combination. Here on "my" marsh (I call it that because I have lived on it for five or so years now, and have looked upon it as a sort of creative muse), we have experienced varied types and stages of 'borderline' inclement weather. Colder temperatures in short spells that haven't reached the uncomfortable stages yet. Since our little hairy friend, Punxsutawney Phil, notified us of three or so more weeks of winter, I expect we're not completely out of the woods yet. If it means we're in for more foggy days and mornings, well...I'm down for that.

Have I seen it denser? Yes, but the encroaching veil of the night and morning before last was incredibly thick. The "land bridge" (as I like to call it) that leads out to Tybee Island and the edge of the Atlantic was hidden behind the thickening wall. I could catch evidence here and there of inhabitants and visitors of the far island coming back over the Bull River bridge, the pin pricks of headlamps popping into existence as they crossed. (Unseen in the above photo, the bridge lies beyond and above the foggy docks.) I could also hear the muffled *thup-thup* of their tires as they drove over the breaks in the roads surface.

I love the fog here. It is both haunting, and comforting. Just another facet of the dreary weather here...when we can get it. It's not plentiful enough for my liking. It would be fine by me if dreary weather were a constant. It is those times when I feel at my most centered, my most creative. It's as if Gaia is masking the rest of the world to allow me some time for introspection, and a regroup. To tap into the parts of me that get put on the back burner during a work filled day out in the 'real' world. I feel in my own little world. Sublime.

Sitting here at my computer...listening to the ethereal ambience of the background music coming from the speakers...sipping my hot mug of savory black coffee...I look at my photos and feel transported back to that time. To that fog. I can vicariously feel its creative influences coming back for another visit. It being a day off for me (free from the "orcs" of the "mine" explanation for another blog post *grin*), the creative boost is most welcome. I intend to take advantage of it. My psyche will thank me.


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