Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Full Moon's Roar...

As with most months this is my post for February, 2014, of some images of the Full Moon. This particular Moon was positioned in the sign of Leo, which happens to be the sign I was born under. This got me musing on my inner lion.

My thoughts turned to the introspective before the Moon even began its ascent. Looking out over the marsh, the cool breezes playing over my exposed skin, I stood rubbing my hands together for warmth as I pondered my first shot. The sky, layered in a light periwinkle and soft pink, created a meditative starting off point. Injecting some peace into any given day is a must for me, and looking out over that expanse always delivers. The evening was relatively calm, and the ever present atmosphere of natures subtle voice was just what I needed. 

There are descriptive elements attributed to Leo's that don't really jive with me as a person. To my mind, anyway. Then there are elements that are spot on. It's all relative, I suppose. What I don't see in myself others might see in spades. 

For me the contradictions start right out of the gate. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so it obviously stands to reason that it is a fire sign. To put it bluntly, I detest the sun. I have always preferred gray overcast days, Autumn being my favorite season. I am more creatively productive after the sun goes down. I have always had a fascination for the moon, and prefer it's light rays to its daytime opposite. (I have had a few close friends over the years swear that I must be part vampire.) Some may say that just because I have a conscious affinity with the moon doesn't mean the sun has any less effect on me as a person. Alright, I'll bite...I am open minded. 

Leo's supposedly relish being the center of attention, and expect to be just that...according to the descriptions I have read. Me? Not so much. I find myself in that position sometimes for my sense of humor, but I don't ever demand the attention. Do I bask in its glow like I supposedly should? No. I have been known to appreciate my own humor, but I can be funny.  I own that. I don't see that as being egotistical. Leo's are said to be creative...that I am. I will completely own that. It's in my genes. My mother was a painter, and my father is a writer. Two things I do well. I can give that side of me a nod. Nothing self involved about that.

Then the word 'ruler' comes in. We are rulers of our own universe. Yeah...yeah, that describes me. Somewhat. I am a tad set in my ways as far as managing my side of the fence. When things effect me directly, I can be picky. I think that feeds into we Leos being described as natural leaders. We are self assured...yes, I am, but that part of me was beaten back a bit over the last number of years...I'm reclaiming it though. It is said that we can also ruffle some feathers along the way. I know that to be true because I've seen myself do it before. However, the feather ruffling usually happens before someone gets to know me. I am extremely sarcastic, to the point of pain in some instances. *grin* More than one person has misread that. But I am also a sensitive soul, and would never wound someone else intentionally. 

Resourcefulness is an attribute of mine. If there is a way to do something, I'll find it. I am very, VERY organized, and don't expect anything out of others that I'm not willing to do myself. Give me a project and I'll dive right in. I'll go above and beyond. Leo's are said to make the effort to excel so they can bask in the accolades they can, I'm not like that. I'll always appreciate someone acknowledging a job well done, but I am not looking for an ass kissing. That may make people think I am status conscious, but things can't be farther from the truth. I am extremely loyal, warm, and kind hearted. I want those close to me to be happy, and if a friend needs a shoulder mine is at the ready. If there's one thing I can say with total confidence, it's that I am a good and true friend.

Well, now that I have gone over some of my finer points, I guess I am more the zodiacal textbook Leo than I thought. I still don't think I completely fit the bill, but I think most people can say the same about their own sign. Moving on to my photos of Friday's Full Moon...

It was a bit overcast that night, and the clouds were moving at a fair clip, so I was able to catch Luna through an open pocket. I was moving pretty quickly to get several angles before my window closed, The following photographs literally start at the front of the window, and end when the clouds started to move back in. I'm happy with the shots for the most part. The months of winter are frequently overcast around Full Moon time, so I was glad to see her.

Next moon up will be the Virgo Full Moon in March...if the clouds don't roll in...knocking wood...  


  1. Love these atmospheric moon photos, and the sense of a tunnel through the clouds.

    1. Thanks, Deborah...I've always loved the moon, and even more when clouds are around. :) Hope all is well with you...looking forward to your new book!