Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day "Eye" Candy...2014...

I usually post a Valentine's Day themed entry to my blog...well, for the past few years, anyway. Since I have already covered many aspects of the February 14th celebration (the traditional ones), I had to do a bit of thinking about what to do for 2014. 

The only time I really observed the day was when I was in elementary school. Pathetic, huh? *grin* I appreciate the sentiment, but have always viewed it as a 'Hallmark holiday'. That, and I don't need a day to give me a heads up to tell those I love that I love them. At any rate, the teacher would tell all of us to bring in a shoe box from home. We would cut a slot in the lid, and then decorate it with paper doilies, construction paper, glitter...whatever was available. I never really wanted to participate. After all, the majority of the boys in my class were "gross" (I was eight years old...all of my friends were boys, but I wasn't really "noticing" boys yet), and we were all expected to give a Valentine to each of our classmates. I mean, why would I want to give the nose picker who sat behind me in class a card asking him to be my Valentine? The only redeeming factor were the cards of the day, like the one I posted above. Even in the third grade I had a deep appreciation for sarcasm, and a good terrible pun. You know, puns so bad they're great. Groan producers. At least there was an effort to at least try to make them "clever".

This post is in essence my Valentine's card to everyone. Okay, my design choices do cater to a select group out there (you know who you are). I figure Valentine's Day is one day where I can post something like this and not get too big of an eye roll from people. Chris (Hemsworth) and Tom (Hiddleston) are both extremely talented actors, and both very easy on the eyes. I am not an obsessive fan, or a stalker. I am a big BIG fan of both of them though. Just someone who has an appreciation for their talent and "attributes". It's just me having a little fun. Okay? Alright. I hope the like minded among you enjoy my little Valentine's Day offering. 

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