Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome, October...

Not only is it officially Autumn, October has arrived! My favorite month of the year. Colorful changing leaves rustling in the breeze; steaming mugs filled with the cinnamon comfort of hot cider; scary films and the usual traditional TV programs to get you into the Halloween 'spirit'; pumpkins getting carved into whimsical Jack-O-Lanterns; spiced pumpkin goodies getting baked, and crisp apples getting dipped in sticky, buttery caramel...there is so much to love about October.

I have been wanting to get a bit more 'active' with posting on my blog. This time of year seems the right time to start, so no time like the present. Halloween is making it's way closer and closer, so I plan to have some fun posting in that vein. Halloween is my favorite holiday, after all.

The carved pumpkin in the photo above is the one I carved last year. I look forward to seeing what I come up with for 2012.  I never know how it will look until I do the actual carving...

Happy October!

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