Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumnal Pics & Musings...

Autumn is settling in nicely here on the Georgia coast. The days, although still a little warm, have cooled off considerably. A typical day is in the upper 70's, to very low 80's. A breeze is generally present. For most of today there was a nice gentle wind. One that caused the gentle rushing sound typical of rustling limbs and the Fall leaves that cover them. A lovely sound...

...especially when it fills the night air. The crisp and dark world of an autumnal night is so magical.

Since the warmer temps appear to have moved on until next year, the nights are cool. The low to mid-50's at the moment. Temperatures perfect for shutting down the air conditioner, and opening up the windows. Outside air in the inside world creates a different and welcome energy. Especially in the evening and at night. By my bed, I have a window that sits level with my head. Sleeping by that open window is so relaxing. The magical nature of the autumnal night can really be experienced during those times. I find I have interesting and vivid dreams in the fresh crisp air. It blows over me which makes me feel all the more cozy under my fluffy blanket.

Halloween is just barely less than a week away. I can feel the veil thinning. The special energy of the new year and the final of the three harvest festivals, grows as the special day draws near.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Even when I was young and not aware of its historical significance(s). I was unaware that the pumpkin I carved with a scary face, or the gypsy costume I disguised myself with had any significance (the gypsy was my 'go to' costume when I was young). Other than it being the thing to do on All Hallows, that is. I had no clue that they were actually protective measures against roaming spirits from more ancient times. I also didn't know that the tradition of giving out candy had more honorable roots than going door to door threatening our neighbors with mischief if they didn't give us a handout. In days past, children were also laboring in the fields helping with the harvesting. They were given treats for their labors.

Since Halloween falls mid-week this year, most festivities will be observed over this coming weekend. I suspect that we'll head out to the local watering hole for our celebratory nod. No costume though. I toyed with the idea of putting something together this year, but dressing up doesn't hold the interest that it once did for me. In my more recent (older ) years, Halloween has taken on...well, I was going to say 'different' meanings. My feelings towards All Hallows aren't so much 'different' as they are more meaningful.

As All Hallows approaches, I wish everyone a Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain.

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