Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Mockingbird Lane"...A Sneak Peek...

(Starting from the top, and moving clockwise:  Eddie Izzard as "Grandpa" (Sam Dracula); Portia de Rossi as "Lily Munster"; Jerry O'Connell as "Herman Munster"; Mason Cook as "Eddie Munster"; Charity Wakefield as "Marilyn Munster")

Well, it's finally out. A preview trailer for the soon to be released premiere episode of the new 'Munsters' based series, "Mockingbird Lane". I have posted about this "re-boot" before, and my jury has remained way out on the project. The original was great (yes, I realize it hit televisions in the early 1960's), so why fix something that really isn't broken to begin with?

The network released trailer gives us our first glimpses of several of the characters, and the new make-up designs. Hmm...I dunno...I'll just have to wait and see the first episode before forming any definite opinions. The producers have said that the new series is a "re-imagining" of the well known TV family. We'll see if it works.

"Mockingbird Lane" is scheduled to premiere on October 26th, which is only a couple of weeks away. Check out the trailer and see what you think...

(To properly hear the video(s), you can pause the page music by going to the player at the bottom of the page.)

While I was on YouTube looking at the new trailer, I saw the following video centered on the Munsters of the 1960's. It's of behind the scenes footage during the filming of the 1966 Munsters film, "Munster, Go Home!" A Universal Pictures starlet of the time, Debbie Watson, is standing in as "homely" niece, Marilyn.

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