Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Moon In Leo...August 17, 2012...

August 17, is a New Moon in Leo, which will peak at 11:55 AM/EST. There are some prominent themes for this moon, two chief ones being love, and creativity. The Sun and New Moon are working harmoniously this cycle, which empowers Leo’s enjoyment of being the center of things and being social. Leo is a fire sign, full of enthusiastic energy. If you have been feeling constrained by something whether it be in your personal or professional life, now is the time to release yourself from those bindings and express your true self. Show yourself some love, open your heart to romance and the playful side of life, and express yourself creatively. The Leo energy surrounding us has Mars in Libra conjoined to Saturn in Libra to help back it up. It’s the perfect time to be creatively proactive and productive.

As with many dynamics between planets, the surrounding energies may be positively charged, but we need to work at holding ‘some things in the road’. This Fire Sign New Moon offers plenty of enthusiastically charged energy, but to maintain the power of this starting point one has to stay focused and not allow other things to pull the attention away from what’s currently at hand. In other situations, having Mars conjunct Saturn can cause more than a fair amount of frustration. It can make the going slow and a tad rough. With both planets positioned in Libra, the resulting influence can offer the necessary support system for bringing dreams into reality. Not only can they boost our harnessing of the energies, they offer the ability to compromise and work well with others. If you have been in discussions with others about a joint venture, this would be a good time to work on it.

(Artist: Jody Bergsma)
Venus in Cancer is in a T-Square opposing Pluto in Capricorn, both Square Uranus in Aries. This signals a potential for turbulence in your love life, mainly in the form of jealousy. Jupiter in Gemini isn’t helping matters as it is still Sextile Uranus. To the Leo’s out there, balance the desire to be social and the desire to be the center of attention.  Otherwise, your behavior could be taken as self-centered and selfish, and you could act as the catalyst for the dissolution of a relationship you tremendously value. There is also some potential for doing some mess maintenance, as there is a Yod with Mercury in Leo at the Apex, and Pluto in Capricorn Sextile Chiron in Pisces at the base. If you ‘shook’ on any agreements made in the heat of the moment, expect to have to do some back pedaling and groveling to try to make things right. Mercury in Leo also stimulates the creative mind, and empowers our ability to verbally express how we feel to others. It assists on the increased creativity front for the cycle, and it will be a big help in smoothing over the uncomfortable situations that arise.

Neptune in Pisces opposing Leo, will serve up some creative inspiration, but for the most part Neptune will be moving into the background for the next several lunations. During this time you can expect an adjustment of personal boundaries. Not everyone will be thrilled with what the changes may kick out into the open, but airing those things will be beneficial in the long run. There will be a heightened potential for seeing relationships for what they are, so be prepared for some uncomfortable and startling revelations on those fronts.

This cycle is very much about the self, and who we are at the core. Don’t just open your heart, but listen to it. Don’t feel the need to conform, or be uneasy about being you. As with all New Moon’s, this New Moon in Leo is about new beginnings. Living life in the moment. Focus on love of self and others, and self-expression through personal creativity. It’s as easy to judge yourself as it is to judge others, so kick conditions and judgement to the curb. Open yourself up. Don’t be afraid to show others (and yourself) who you truly are. The results can be so empowering. Live life to the fullest.

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