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Full Moon In Pisces...August 31, 2012...

It’s time for the Pisces Full Moon, Friday, August 31st, at 9:58 AM/EST. This Full Moon is special as it is the second Full Moon within the month, which makes it a “Blue Moon”. No, the Moon isn’t actually ‘blue’. Why is it called a “Blue Moon”? I couldn’t find any definitive information to explain why. The only reason I found that seems plausible is that it relates to an Old English word, “belewe”, which means “to betray”. The thought is that the occurrence of two Full Moons in a month ‘betrayed’ the usual one Moon per month perception. “Blue Moons” only happen every 2 ½ to 3 years, so the next one isn’t due until July, 2015.

When you look at a Full Moon in a clear night sky, you see its brightness, and how it illuminates things around you that otherwise would be hidden in the darkness. This Pisces Moon is all about shining through the haze (created by Neptune) surrounding deep seated issues. It is a time for focusing and healing. Clean out your inner attic AND basement…get rid of the old ‘garbage’ that you’ve been storing up. This lunar cycle is all about the “one”, the “self”. Work on squashing the tendencies we have to stay closed off in our inner space, and acknowledge the interconnection we have with all life. Let the moonlight guide you to open yourself, to open your heart. Allow some healing to begin.

Is it going to be an easy time? Not exactly. Things could be a bit turbulent, but said ‘turbulence’ can be quite productive in a healing sense. Things may not be as they seem, so caution is recommended. Expect an amplification of feelings. The smallest and subtlest will be felt in a stronger sense, for good or bad. Pisces is ruler of the 12th Astrological House, the “House of Self-Undoing” or “Self-Imprisonment”. Don’t be surprised if you feel left ‘in the dark’ about certain things. You could find yourself in a space of self-imposed seclusion, on a conscious or subconscious level. Others could very well see what’s going on, when you don’t. When we retreat inwards to the place we feel isolated and/or severed from everything, we exhibit behaviors and make choices that effect so much…every type of relationship from business to personal. We can find ourselves not seeing the forest for the trees. This Pisces Full Moon can help us transcend these self-imposed limitations.

A big theme for this lunar cycle is being of service to others, as is represented by the Virgo-Pisces axis. The lunar axis is the base of a pattern connecting the Pisces Full Moon, Mars in Scorpio (both water signs), Sun in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn (both earth signs). Pluto and Mars are sextile, which will create an opportunity to dredge up some long hidden information pertaining to personal matters. With Mars in Scorpio’s strong energy getting helped along by Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, the truth is out there…and it will come out.

Mercury in Leo will be harmoniously sextile Saturn in Libra. Mercury can be a bit dramatic at times, but Saturn tempers things causing a great atmosphere for creativity. A square between Saturn and Venus in Cancer is another story. If you have someone new in your life on the romance front, the wind could get knocked out of the relationships sails. Don’t give up on things though. Sit back and wait things out a bit until they right themselves.

(Artist: David Palladini)
Uranus in Aries is a bit of a trouble maker this go round. Uranus is delivering a small dose of unpredictability, which could cause problems in the form of dramatics. Don’t be surprised if scheduled plans over the next few days get derailed. Have a ‘Plan B’ waiting in the wings, as a “just in case”.

The Moon will be conjunct Chiron in Pisces. Some deep and painful issues could be revealed, and rise to the surface. Situations could occur that will make you feel the victim, or make you want to be the rescuer…to one extreme or the other. Wallowing in self-pity or over identifying with another’s pain is never healthy. With the amplified energy present, you could feel torn to the point of madness. Reach out to someone you trust for counsel.  It’s very important to not disregard any uncomfortable issues, as they need to be confronted and dealt with. Others will be part of the equation, so they should be a part of the solution.

The lunation axis is widely squared by Jupiter in Gemini. The message here is to use your brain before you speak. Anyone born under a water or earth sign should really take heed. Sharing too much information about oneself is rarely a good thing, and the atmosphere under this influence is ripe for it. Take a moment…if it doesn’t feel right to share something, then definitely don’t. Listen to your gut.

With all of the potential for turbulence during this lunation, healing is woven throughout. If you are feeling isolated and closed off, open up. Open your heart and mind. On a personal level, feel the pain you are dealt so that you can forgive and move on. Be compassionate to yourself, and if others are involved be compassionate to them, as well. It’s difficult to avoid the inevitable, and some issues will have to be dealt with whether you like it or not. Having time for you is always important, but what will help you open up is finding ways of being of service to others. 
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  1. Im already feeling the affects of this moon. Thanks for spreading the guidance on it. I'm a water sign, so using this to cosmic order my wishes.