Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Evening Stroll...

An evening stroll under a dimming sky. I was determined for the better part of the day to get outside for at least a short walk, as the weather channel was predicting intermittent thunderstorms. I had already had a rainstorm surprise me while I was out taking pictures, and I didn't want to chance the camera getting wet. The sun was still making it's presence known, so I figured I was safe.

The fresh, moist air was blowing intermittently lazy, then strong, along the bank of the muddy tidal creek. (I prefer the stronger breezes as they keep the gnats and mosquitoes away.) The tide was out. The once deep green reeds are bowing and browning, the brown cat tails puffing up like cotton as they go to seed.

Autumn is still a month off, but early signs of it's arrival are presenting themselves. The earthy shades of color synonymous with that time of year, are beginning to color the fauna here. Green leaves are starting to crumple into a spectrum of browns and yellows. I came across a couple of small red leaves lying on the browning grass. Signs of Fall's approach.

I continued up the tidal creek bank, snapping pictures of whatever caught my eye. Around here there is a lot to catch the eye. There was also a lot to hear. The breezes rustling through leaves; Cicadas chirruping to one another; shifting reeds and marsh grass as unseen creatures moved along the muddy creek bed (most likely an opossum or raccoon); the clatter of pans and murmer of voices drifting from a neighbors condo. Even with a month to go until the Autumnal Equinox, it felt like Fall to me. The energies felt completely of Autumn. A taste of things to come.

I can do my best to be patient until it arrives...but it won't be soon enough for me.

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