Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Beltane...2012...

Wishing everyone a happy May Day, and Blessed Beltane (I was a few hours late this arthritis has slowed me down a bit).

There are some really great photos below.  I am a photographer, but none of these are mine.  I included the credits for each one in the captions, several with links.

I have never had the pleasure of attending a full blown Beltane celebration like the ones held in the UK.  One day I hope to change that, and take some photos of my own.  

A blessed May Day/Beltane to all.

Merry Meet!

("A Garland For May Day", c.1895;
Dedicated to the workers, by Walter Crane)
(Photo:  Debs
(Photo:  Steven McKenna
Beltane Fire Festival)
(Photo:  ~fizz112
Beltane Fire Festival)
(Photo: Danny Williams)
(Photo:  Unknown
Green Man)


  1. Today I woke up thinking of you...Why you think that is?! Happy Cinco, Full Moon and Beltane. ;)

    1. I just saw your comment. Hmm...hope it's not a portent of some kind! (lol) Happy-happy to you, too. :)

  2. Blessing Beltane to you and yours !