Monday, May 28, 2012

"Beryl" Is A Bust...Day Two...

(Photo:  Lisa Erin Brown)
Well, it pains me to say that Beryl is a bust.  As a storm enthusiast, I was looking forward to getting pounded with a raucous storm of heavy rain.  The initial predictions were for serious thunderstorms and winds.  Flooding was also in there.  "Tropical Storm Beryl" was coming!  Albeit slowly, but she was headed this way.  Bring it on, Gaia!  I'm ready.

(Photo:  Lisa Erin Brown
One of the few spots around the edge of the island where I can take a picture of the open marshes and water.  The rest of the prime locations are within the boundaries of privately owned yards.)
"Tropical Storm Beryl" was nothing but hype.  I is unpredictable.  Weather people can give us their forecasts, but in the end it's really up to the elements.  It's up to nature.  I grew to take weather forecasts with a grain of salt years ago.  With all of the reporting on TV about the approach of Beryl, it appeared that things were on course for giving us a good thrashing.  Hard driving rain.  Bright gashes of lightning cracking across the sky.  Thunder booming so loud that it would sound like Fort Pulaski was back in business.  I have experienced those things before, but Beryl was promising to be all of those things on steroids.  Bubbling with anticipation, I was.  But my bubble was soon to go flat.

(Photo:  Lisa Erin Brown)
We eventually got some rain.  It rained rather hard for about an hour.  Might have been less than that.  I got tired of waiting and ended up crashing for the night around midnight.  Glenn stayed up awhile longer, and reported that it hadn't really rained.  *sigh*  When I got up this morning and looked out the window, it was a tad grey.  Other than that, it was rather dry.  It's now roughly 6:00 PM/EST and we haven't seen today's rain yet.  Yes, we are supposed to get some rain tonight into tomorrow.  The flood warning that started yesterday is still in effect.  It appears that we have been having a lengthy break between storms, if you can call lasts nights lawn watering a storm.  Well, before I pass complete judgement on "Tropical Storm" (and I use the term loosely) Beryl, I'll wait to see what she gives us tonight.  At this point, if she drops a relatively heavy rain...I guess I'll just have to take what I get.

(Photo:  Lisa Erin Brown)
I walked down to my favorite spot to photograph the marsh.  The sky was blue with large white puffs of cloud, but the slight grey tinge of an approaching rain was noticeable.  The wind is stronger out there than usual, a sign that the rain hasn't left the area yet.  It will be back soon.  Looking out at the Bull River, I could make out the choppy surface, low rolling white capped waves chaotically creasing it's surface.  Beryl may be a disappointment, but she's still out there. Her show isn't over yet.

On to 'Act Two'...

(Photo:  Lisa Erin Brown)

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