Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Full Moon in Scorpio...May 5, 2012...

May's Full Moon in Scorpio will peak at 11:36 PM/EST, on May 5th..  This Moon will play to emotional expression. Whether on high or low levels, the energies of the moon have great effect on emotional tides. When dealing with relationships of an intimate nature, there can be great difficulty in opening up. Draw on the abundance of energy to move past any trepidation you might feel because the time is ripe for expressing those intimate feelings.  Actually, intense emotions will be present on all relationship levels.  If you have deep feelings/issues that you have been harboring, get them out in the open so you can release any emotional 'garbage' that might be weighing you down.  Now is the time for release, so you can restart things on a fresh emotional level.  Also, any motivational issues you may have had over the last week or two will be dissipating, as the opposition between Neptune and Mars is gradually ending. Enjoy the abundance of energy around you.

Trust in the one person who matters most...yourself.  You might find that difficult, obsessive thoughts pulling you one way-then the other.  All that does is cause unnecessary confusion.  Try to look at the big picture, so you can approach things with a clear head.  This is a positive and fertile time to heal, so don't over-think things.

Mars in Virgo is in opposition to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  Tread carefully when offering emotional help to others as the person you are trying to help might get on the defensive.  Mercury in Aries is opposing Saturn in Libra exact. You might feel pushed into action in relation to partnerships.  Communication and honesty are issues you might see surfacing on all relationship levels. Differences of opinion and/or difficulties might arise.  They should be addressed and resolved before moving forward.  Why heap more baggage on other stuffed away issues that are in need of release?  Sensitivity is key.

Mars and Pluto are part of an earth sign Trine.  This reinforces the positive in tough situations, and gives one the ability to come out unscathed.  Pluto is in a Grand Trine with Ceres in Taurus, and Mars in Virgo. There is plenty of calming energy around to help navigate through this cycles' emotional high.  This lunation provides a grounding atmosphere that advises us to be compassionate with others.

Also, a Piscean Chiron is in opposition to Mars in Virgo, which is Sextile Pluto and Ceres making a Grand Kite.  (Think a Trine on steroids.)  A perfect time to look inwardly to take a good look at how we see ourselves.  Pluto motivates us to travel as deep as we can in revealing ignored issues that need to be tossed out.  Let Ceres help guide you past any frustrating bumps in the proverbial road.  Things need to need to heal.  Don't judge yourself, or be unforgiving.  Mars in Virgo is also inconjunct Uranus in Aries which can generate impatience.  Slow down, and take a deep breath.  Being judgemental will just be counter-productive.

The positive atmosphere that is prevalent during this Full Moon is ideal for dealing with any and all relationships issues.  Take advantage of it.
  • Full Flower Moon ~ In most areas, flowers are abundant during this time.  Thus the name of this Moon.  Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon.

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