Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Moon In Aquarius...

(Artist:  David Pallidini)

The first New Moon of 2012 will occur at 2:42 AM/EST, on Monday, January 23rd.  This go round the Moon and Sun will both be in the fixed air sign, Aquarius.  This lunar cycle promotes innovative and progressive thinking, leaning towards the unconventional.  It is a time for thinking outside of the box. If you are moving forward on a specific path with a project, stay on course, but leave your mind open to new ideas and influences.  New Moons are all about new beginnings.  Don't be afraid to dispense with some old ideas to make way for new ones.  If you are feeling stuck with a project that isn't going as planned, ditch it and move on.

This Aquarius New Moon is also about relationships, with 11th House influences.  It's a prime time for strengthening and building existing relationships, as well as starting new ones.  Feel the boost of energy, and use it to positive effect, both within yourself and with those around you.

Now for a bit of what is going on with some of the other planets during this New Moon  (note:  as usual, I have included some term definitions at the bottom of the post):

Sitting at the apex of a T-Square aspect, is a transitting Jupiter in the sign of Taurus.  This energy can be the push needed for moving you into a position of manifesting what this moon is about.  An earth sign, Taurus is projecting energy that is prime for manifesting ideas into realities.  In terms of the relationship between Taurus and Aquarius within this square, be prepared for possible conflict - Aquarius vies for projecting growth and uniqueness, while Taurus says "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".  

In this T-Square, as mentioned, Jupiter is in Taurus, Saturn will be in the sign of Libra, and Sextile to it all is Uranus in the sign of Aries.  As Aries rules Aquarius, there is plenty of incredible energy creating a wide playing field for the potential for change.  There is a fertile field for uniqueness winning out over the status quo...don't think it will happen without an argument.  Stand your ground.  State your case.  Don't let fear silence you.  Saturn in Libra says that you will be heard, no matter what the outcome is.  During this T-Square we are signalled to analyze things and figure out what's ending, and whats starting anew. 

But...(there's always a 'but' somewhere)...between Saturn and Uranus, there is an out of sign inconjunct with Aries and Libra.  Although the signs are compatible, this aspect puts them at odds.  If you have a set direction you are moving on (for example) with a business related project, brace yourself.  You may run into a situation that calls for patience and compromise.  There is also the possibility for misunderstandings.
Now for a powerful transition.  On January 23rd, Mars will go retrograde in Virgo, and the retrograde cycle will last until April 13th.  Mars is the ruler of passion, and the sex drive.  Mars rules the career.  This cycle gives us an opportunity.  What in our life, both professional and personal, isn't working? With this powerful energy available, this is a prime time for figuring out what needs to be fixed, or what is beyond repair and needs to be tossed.  Mars retrograde in the sign of Virgo is directing us to look inward, and work on self esteem, passive aggressive, and martyr issues.  Issues with anger and conflict are pushing to the surface, challenging us to muster the courage to deal with them and resolve them once and for all.  Projects begun prematurely, without proper preparation, will need to be shelved or discarded for when Mars goes direct, and a fresh start with a stronger foundation can start anew.  

With Mercury in Capricorn trine to Mars in Virgo, Mercury is in a harmonious aspect to Mars, and can influence glimpses of things to come.  Where things are headed.  It also stresses that the outcomes we see down the line may take weeks or months to reach fruition.  This trine aspect is probably the element of it all that will carry us through.  It is an organized, and assertive aspect.

During this New Moon cycle, things will take some time to happen.  Don't be disappointed when business deals or new relationships don't fall into place over night.  Take this time to get organized and do some pre-planning.  If you have projects in the works, brace yourself for possible delays and revisions, but know that things will move forward.  Patience is key.
  • Aspect:     Aspects are planets within specific degrees of each other that create beneficial or negative attitudes, habits, and energy.

  • Conjunction:     An aspect that is usually a helpful energy.  It creates self-nurturing, inner strength, and ambition.  It can also create intensity, stress, and confusion.

  • 11th House:     The eleventh area of an astrological chart.  It represents friendships, hopes and wishes, personal goals, associations, group aspirations, cooperation, bettering the community, and humanitarianism. 

  • Inconjunct:     An aspect representing a separating energy.  It creates unhappiness, sorrow, and stress.

  • Retrograde:     The appearance of a planet moving backwards.  It creates frustration, delays, nervousness, and the feeling that the same or a similar experience is being repeated.

  • Sextile:     An aspect that contributes positive energy.  It creates happiness, an easy-going attitude, and enjoyment.  It represents loving energy.

  • Square:     An aspect representing harsh energy.  It creates conflict, intensity, stress, and a feeling of being out of balance.  It promotes self-growth.  Can be negative. 

  • Transit:     The daily movements of the planets.  Influences a persons' moods or decisions.  Transits contribute to personal growth.  

  • Trine:     An aspect of easy energy.  It creates an ease in life, enhances natural talents or abilities, and is an enjoyable area of life.  Trines are generally positive. 

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