Monday, January 9, 2012

First Full Moon Of 2012...

(Photo: Lisa Erin Brown)
"That orbed maiden
With white fire laden
Whom mortals call the moon"

~ Percy Bythe Shelley

Tonight's Full Moon was shining brightly in the sky.  No clouds to cast a veil, or to shroud it.  Just the Moon. White and round, hanging in the night.  It was quite beautiful.

(Photo: Lisa Erin Brown)
I was having techincal difficulties as I took these shots.  Both with the camera and with myself.  High above, the Moon shone from an impossible angle, from overhead.  Not agreeable to a tripod's use.  That coupled with my dull aches and pains...well, it just wasn't a scenario conducive to clear and steady photographs.

(Photo: Lisa Erin Brown)
However, I do like the tunnel effect the leaves on the tree just outside my front door created, so all is not lost.  As has become my custom, I took pictures of the Full Moon.  That's good enough for me.

(Photo: Lisa Erin Brown)
Next go round I'll be sure to view it during it's rise...

"If I was the Moon, I'd feel bad.
We never write.
We never call.
And we certainly don't come for a visit anymore."
~ James Lileks

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