Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Caravan Dreams...

Gypsy caravans.  Quaint in structure, and adorned with detailed carvings and paint.  They have always held a sense of mystery and mysticism, the mental image of a shawl draped woman gazing into a ball of crystal a common mental conjuration.  Another image the caravan calls up is a camp fire, the chaotic shadows of dancers flickering over the wagons face, violin music thrumming through the air.  Products of the cinema?  I admit, films from the days of the Silver Screen put those stereotypical images in my head, but there is an excitement about them.  An energy.

I discovered a few images of Caravans while looking for something else online.  The artistic nature of them sparked a node of creativity in me.  I abandoned my other quest, and delved further finding more of the quaint wagons.  Ideas started to come to me.  Ideas about what a great personal space a caravan would be.  A small world to create in.  An adult playhouse, so to speak.  I found photographs of caravans people had parked in their yards, and set up as a guest house.  I found a site in the UK where they listed caravans for sale, some with bowed roofs, others with a squared roof.  They aren't cheap, but it would be an investment.  An investment in ones' self.

More and more pictures surfaced, of both exteriors and interiors.  The photos pulled me in more and more.  I think it's safe to say that I am a woman obsessed.  There are not many things on my list of things I really want, but I have now added one more thing to my short list.  Once I am in a place where space allows, I want to own a caravan.  I want a Gypsy Caravan that I can build a garden around, and turn into a haven of creativity.  A space to write in.  To paint in.  To carve out my little corner of Wonderland, giant mushroom and hookah smoking caterpillar optional...

I can at least dream, can't I?


  1. A rich seam of images, these caravans - is it the romance of the open road, the sense of mystery and local colour?

    There is a place close to us in France where they are built. One would make a wonderful "spare room" in the garden, wouldn't it. Though the en-suite bathroom might have to be a bucket...!

  2. Yeah, bathroom facilities would indeed need to be of the portable variety...that's why one owned me would have to be a backyard fixture. :)

    I still have to see what the availability of caravans is in the States. Most of the ones I have seen online for sale are in the UK. How convenient to have a maker so close to you.

    I would say that it is definitely the mystery and the romance. When I started looking for pictures of caravans, I could envision what a wonderful writing space it would be. I am in the process of organizing a space to write in...I have a book brewing that isn't going to write itself.