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Full Moon In Cancer, January 8th & 9th...

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(note:  I have listed some definitions of a few of the terms in this post at the bottom of the post.  The defined words appear in bold italics.)

The next Full Moon is in the sign of Cancer, and will be at it's fullest on January 8th-9th.  It is the first Full Moon of the new year. The Moon governs over Cancer, so be prepared for the possibility of experiencing amplified sensitivity, to feel things more deeply.  During this cycle you may find yourself delving deeply into some specific personal territories:  your sense of where you come from, and your sense of belonging or 'feeling a part of';  family issues past and present; how to keep your emotions in check, and overall emotional security; where you stand in the professional world.  Heightened sensitivity is very probable if buttons are pushed, or if you are pulled out of your comfort zone.  Look to and listen to your feelings by looking inwardly rather than looking to those who are close.

Full Moons push your emotions right out front.  Lay it all out there, and take stock of things.  Be prepared for some things to come to an end, to finish.  This is the time to do a personal house cleaning.

In opposition to the Moon in Cancer, is the Sun in Capricorn.  Cancer is seated on the emotional/personal aspects, and Capricorn is seated on the physical/professional.  They have the potential to be at odds, and pull you in opposite directions.  They also have the potential to compliment one another if you strive for balance.  The two signs are ways in and out of incarnation (world of the flesh) on the deepest levels.  Cancer brings you into life and gets you in touch with your emotions.  Capricorn is about spreading your wings, urging you to take the proverbial leap of faith, and traveling new ground.  As emotional issues surface, you can gauge the order in which to address them by the level of sensitivity in which you react.  Both signs are cardinal, moving at their own pace, never staying in one place.  They exude patience, so try to tap into that energy.

There is a transiting Mercury in Capricorn that urges you to be practical, and to keep a nice balance with current energies of completion.  The Moon isn't quite as strong as the Mercury/Capricorn transit, but it will bring ignored dormant issues to the surface.  Take the opportunity to resolve them.

There is also a transiting Mars in Virgo. This is a golden opportunity with this harmonious aspect to the Moon, to zero in and spot those areas of your life you need to cleanse and heal.  The time could be ripe for an emotional detox.

Saturn in Libra is harmonious to Venus and Neptune which are in an Aquarius conjunction aspect.  There is the potential to make dreams a reality.

Jupiter in Taurus is in direct motion.  In the coming few months in the sign of Taurus, you can get an added boost on long term projects in your professional life.  Projects can be supported and enhanced.

The only conflicting aspect is a square between Mercury in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries.  This combination can foster impatience, and a lack of focus.  Be sure to truly listen to others.

The combination of Cancer and Capricorn can lift any conflicts between your professional life and your home life to the surface.  Stay balanced and centered.  Take any of the appropriate past lessons you have learned to heart.  You may run into a road block here and there, or something might very well "short out", but don't let that prevent you from assessing any issues you have accumulated.  This is a prime time for doing a personal inventory, and getting organized.

Mars is approaching a Retrograde cycle on January 24th.  More to come on that.  :)

The following information about this full moon is from the Old Farmer's Almanac:

  • Full Wolf Moon - January:  "Amid the cold and deep snows of mid-winter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages.  Thus, the name for January's full Moon.  Sometimes it was also referred to as the Old Moon, or the Moon after Yule.  Some called it the Full Snow Moon, but most tribes applied that name to the next Moon." 

  • Aspects:   Planets within specific degrees of each other that create beneficial or negative attitudes, habits, and energy.

  • Cardinal:  The role of cardinal signs is to push through, be first, and initiate.  Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign.  It leads with the heart, and casts an emotional force to push into new territory.

  • Conjunction:  An aspect, it is usually helpful energy.  It creates self nurturing, inner strength, and ambition.  It can also create intensity, stress, and confusion.

  • Retrograde:  The appearance of a planet moving backward.  It creates frustration, delays, nervousness and the feelingthat the same or a similar experience is being repeated.

  • Square:  An aspect representing harsh energy.  It creates conflict, intensity, stress, the feeling of being out of balance.  It promotes self growth, and can be negative.

  • Transits:  The daily movements of the planets.  It influences a persons' moods or decisions.  Transits contribute to personal growth.  

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