Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Amethyst...

Today...for some reason...a necklace I own came to mind.  The pendant is of an abstract design, is made of sterling, and has amethyst stones mounted in it.  There are two small pieces, pyramidal in shape, and a small flat...well, the best way I can describe it would be to call it a 'slice'.  A slab from a rather small amethyst geode, the cluster section of small points intact.  That's a photo of it below...

(I purchased this necklace from one of my favorite stores, 'The Psychic Eye' in Sherman Oaks, CA...I would love to visit there now, but it's a hell of a commute from Savannah...  They always have some really unique jewelry.  If you are in that neighborhood and haven't been, 
I encourage you to check it out.)) 

My necklace has inspired me to create some posts relating to some of my favorite crystals, and a few other metaphysical  items/talismans.

(Sections of Amethyst geodes.) 

Amethyst is one of my favorite stones.  Not just for its beauty, but for its energies.  SiO2 (amethyst) is one of many forms of quarts.  It is light to deep purple/violet.  It is found in round rocks of varying sizes and shapes which are called geodes.  When you break one of these rocks open, you will find the crystalline world of the amethyst inside.

(Entrance to an amethyst mine in Argentina.) 

Geodes are found in mines.  Brazil (among others) has many amethyst mines, and there are a number of states in the US that also have large deposits of amethyst (Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, to name a few).  Several centuries ago, amethyst was on the 'expensive stone' lists along with rubies, diamonds, etc.  Once amethyst was found to be a rather abundant stone, it's value decreased considerably.  However, over the years I have seen some huge amethyst geodes for sale at jewelry shows, and they were not cheap.  They were breathtakingly beautiful though.

(A large Amethyst geode.  This one is pretty big, but I have seen bigger.  
I love the color of this one.) 

Now for the more spiritual side of this purple crystal.  Amethyst is a stone of spirituality, enlightenment, and protection.  Its energies make it ideal for meditation.  It creates a connection between the Earth plane, and otherworldly planes.  A calming influence, it brings peace, releases negativity.

Although a number of different stones are used, amethyst is used in the creation of dowsing pendulums.  I think that most people think about the location of water below ground when they hear the word "dowsing".  Those types of dowsers come in two common designs: one looks kind of like a big wishbone and is fashioned from twigs/branches, and the other is in the form of two free moving metal rods that cross when the dowser approaches their target.

'Dowsing pendulums' are smaller, and generally used for more specific Q&A sessions.  They come in a variety of designs, one that is pictured above...that particular one has an amethyst sphere on it.  The diviner holds the end of the chain between the index finger and thumb of one hand, lifts it up so that the pendulum dangles down, and keeps the pendulum as still as possible.  When concentration starts and the questions are asked, the diviner gets their answers from the movement of the pendulum.  I have a small one (sans crystal) that I have used upon occasion, and it's a fascinating tool.

Amethyst wands (large points, or the crystal fashioned into points) have been used for centuries for healing purposes.  The stones energies are focused on an ailing person to draw the negativity/sickness out of them.  Then the crystal is turned away from them, so the negative vibes can be released.

Back on January 23rd of this year, I posted a blog entry about 'Chakras' called "Shirley & Chakras".  The seven Chakras, or spinning wheels, all resonate to certain colors.  The Crown Chakra relates to spiritual awareness and the self.  It is located at the top of the forehead, above/between the eyes.  (Right around the area where you will find the pineal gland.)  This very spiritual Chakra resonates in the color purple.  Amethyst is known as the Crown Chakra Crystal.  Having aligned Chakras is a preferred state to be in.  *grin*  Amethyst is a great help to the aligning of the Chakras.  Stress reducer, helps to open up the spaces between spiritual channels.  It also is a booster of creativity.  (If you want to read about the different specifics for each Chakra, I created a clickable link where it says "Shirley & Chakras" above.)

Some background on the beautiful amethyst...

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