Friday, August 26, 2011

New Moon in Virgo...

(Artwork by David Palladini.  He also did the card designs for the Aquarian Tarot deck
...which is my favorite deck.)

This month's New Moon falls on the 28th, at 11:04 PM/EST.  All New Moon's present an opportunity to start fresh with new projects, or new phases of one's life, with renewed perspective.  Sit down and get organized.  Start fresh with new or adjusted daily schedules and/or routines. This moon comes with the added mission of feeling grounded.  Connecting with the Earth.  Maybe focus on something of an environmental nature, and be of service.  One thing is for mellow.  The sun and the moon are both in Virgo, and that signals  the need to focus on being healthy (self), getting organized, and helping others.  Use common sense, and be detail oriented.  Everything forms a piece in the puzzle of life.  Don't ignore anything, no matter how small.  The goal is to get rid of the negative past so you can be a healthy person inside and out.  Take getting "healthy" in the literal sense, and change your diet, ride a get the picture.  Being at your best can attract the positive, and bring empowerment, or offers of help from others.  It could mean that taking care of yourself could steer you into a position of helping someone else.  This cycle, there is a lot of positive energy to take advantage of, as we will be experiencing a "Grand Earth Trine" ('Trine' is a chart pattern when three planets are at 120 degree aspects with each other).

Some of the planetary positions for this New Moon:

  • Conjoining with this Virgo New Moon is Venus, which is also in Virgo.  This represents love on a variety of levels...whether it's with a partner, or being of service to your fellow man.  Just be sure to take advantage of this incredible energy, and do something productive/forward thinking.
  • There is a "Grand Earth Trine" with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn (all Earth signs) being over the moon (extremely positive).
  • Jupiter in Taurus + Pluto and Venus in retrograde Capricorn = energy/passion
  • Mercury will be direct in Leo, which is also a positive indication to start something new.  (August's Mercury retrograde cycle ends on the 26th.)

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