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 Another stone on my favorites list is hematite...but it's not really a 'stone', it's a form of iron oxide (about 70% iron ore, and 30% oxygen).  

(Ancient hematite mine)

Hematite is a mined mineral that is a primary ingredient of iron.  In geological terms, it can be found in igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary environments.  It is also "paramagnetic" which means it is slightly attracted to magnetic fields.  Hematite is usually found in areas where there has been water, or volcanic activity.  There have been discoveries of forms of hematite on the planet Mars, which seems to support theories of there once being water there.  

 Hematite comes in a few colors: black to silvery grey, brown, and reddish brown to red.  All color variations have red veining in them.  The most common color is silvery grey, as it is used widely in the creation of jewelry.  It's quite beautiful in its polished state, and its metallic appearance does give one the impression that it is something other than your usual stone.
From a metaphysical perspective, hematite is seen as a grounding stone.  It's a healing stone.  Want to develop some mental clarity, or get 'centered'?  Than this is the stone for you.  It is the 'stone' of life energy, and projects an energy of will power and confidence.  Use it to project negativity away, and to bring energy back to the self to generate that energy within and get centered.  It assists in bringing awareness back to the self.   Hematite is also used in the meditative practice of astral projection.  Hematite is a plentiful mineral, and can be found in the US, Canada, and Brazil.

A note to those who own hematite pieces in the shape of stones for meditative purposes, etc., do not wash them in water.  To cleanse/re-energize your 'stones', place them on top of quartz crystals for several hours to a full day.

(Left:  Root Chakra; Right:  Solar Plexis Chakra) 

Hematite is another stone that has a link to the Chakra system, mainly the root Chakra located at the base of the spine.  Some of the emotional issues associated with this Chakra are self esteem, security and survival.  Hematite partners well with the root Chakra due to its grounding nature.  Hematite helps to align the energies of the mind, body, and spirit.

The solar plexus Chakra also works with the energies of hematite.  Some of the emotional issues linked to this Chakra are self esteem, self image fears, and indecisiveness.  It governs the sense of self within the universe, and personal power.

(Set of Rune Stones made out of hematite...I have some of these)

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