Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Rain Came...

Finally! We finally had some formidable rain here. Threats of possible thunder storms have been made for several weeks now, but the most we would get would be the occassional sprinkle. The sky would flash and wail, but hopes would be dashed and another day would pass without event. In our mid-afternoon that all changed. I could almost hear Savannah issue a sigh of much needed relief.

The cloying moisture in the air was replaced by a pleasant cooling rainfall that fell pretty consistently throughout the afternoon and into the evening. It did vary in intensity over the hours, but it's effects were immense. The ground has been supplied with valuable moisture, and the air that has been thick with smoke and fire debris is clear. At least for the moment. I could tell a difference immediately.

The sound of rain is one of the most soothing sounds around. I could be holding the weight of the world on my shoulders, but a thunderstorm can lift it away in no time. The sound, the accompanying breezes...even the smell of the rain. A clean earthy aroma that announces the impending drops before they even start to fall.

I had a quick errand to run and decided to take Glenn's truck rather than try to wade through the wide river of drop dimpled run-off rushing down the road to get to the car. As I neared the vicinity of the mailbox kiosk I learned that my decision had been a good one. What had been a river by my neck of the condos quickly turned into an ocean. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the twin wakes the truck tires were cutting in the expanse of water. It gave the illusion of the truck gliding along on ski's. I was glad to be up high in the truck seat rather than low to the water's surface in the Audi. I had visions of flooded floorboards...not a good scene...

As I got dinner underway, the sky darkened as the storm grew in fierceness and evening took over. The rhythmic drumming of rain on the deck above ours, the grass covered ground, leaves, was a meditative symphony of calm. The growing darkness just added to the mood. The Tuscan stone tiles I put in the entryway in back were slick and shone deep grey under the flashes of lightning. I usually stray far away from using the flash when I take pictures. I prefer the look of natural lighting. However, there are short periods of time in the hours between the afternoon and evening when the use of the flash can create some dark and moody photographs. Almost like a glimpse at a different side of the world. Yes, some of the pictures I get are a bit distorted, but there is something haunting about them that I really like. Like the stone tiles above, and the shot below of the tidal creek and confederate jasmine as seen through the screened porch door.

The rain today was sublime. It came not a moment too soon. I hope the next passing storm stays for awhile, too. And soon.

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