Saturday, June 18, 2011

Addendum To Last Post / "Smoke On The Water"...

Since I had gone out for a couple of errands earlier today (it was around 1:00 PM, or so), I was rather surprised when I looked out the glass doors off the kitchen (around 5:45 PM). The smoke in the air was obviously thicker than it had been earlier in the day.

The moment I opened the glass door to go into the screened in porch, I was hit with the strong smell of something burning. It smelled like the biggest bonfire in the world was billowing smoke from close by. Not altogether unpleasant, but very earthy and pungent with smoldering wood. The above picture was taken just in back of the condo here. The tide was obviously out. I think most who view the photo without the knowledge of it being smoke might think it to be fog. Take it from is smoke, and it is thick.

I decided to walk back down to the location of the pictures from my last post for comparison.

Evidence of a change was huge over by the marsh. Usually when I look across the expanse I can see the land on the far side. This particular time I could barely make out anything. It is not apparent in these photos of the bridge, but the cars coming from Tybee Island all had their lights on as testament to the dense haze.

As a final example of what it's like here in Savannah on the Georgia coast, I created a comparison. The photo on your left is an earlier shot. The one on the right is from this evening. No wonder my nose is burning, and I'm suffering from a sinus headache...


  1. my throat hurts is awful. i was in tybee saturday the sky was so hazy...just awful

  2. It really is. I had to run errands today, and my head is killing me. Even though the smoke is getting to me, I have to be thankful that we don't have fires here. Everything everywhere is so dry. Knocking some serious wood...