Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon...Both of Which I Missed...

(Almost Full Moon, June 14, 2011 ~ Photo: Lisa Erin Brown)

Today was not only a Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius, it was also a total lunar eclipse. Regretfully, the eclipse took place during daytime hours here in the US, so I had to miss witnessing it for myself. I was only able to experience June's Full Moon last night when it was a mere percentage point or so away from full. The moon reached it's complete orb status this afternoon during daylight hours here, so I wasn't able to see it. No viewing of the actual full moon. No viewing of the total lunar eclipse. Was looking forward to seeing more of a close-to-full moon tonight, but our skies became cloudy as dusk fell. A massive storm front came barreling into Savannah a few moments ago and has started dumping rain on us in a fury. A huge clap of thunder just shook the nearby window glass in it's frame. Rain is another thing I absolutely love and as Savannah appears to be headed into a period of drought it is extremely welcome. Didn't get to see the moon tonight, but the rain is a more than fair trade.

On to today's Full Moon in Sagittarius. I do a lot of reading during these times. Although the various astrological forecasts I read have similarities, the many and varied authors of these reports impart their own impressions. Some write from a more technical perspective naming planets and their places in the grand scheme of it all..."lunation axis", "natal charts", ascending this and transitioning that. I find it all interesting and informative, but sometimes I just want to read a simple, comprehensive approach to what the particular moon position and accompanying sign means for the particular time concerned.

This is an amalgamation of forecasts I've read for this full moon period. It's pretty concise, but just think of it as a Reader's Digest version. These days that's what I'm kind of looking for. My arthritis (which I feel I'm too young to be plagued with) has been flaring in my right hand (my dominant one), so I haven't been feeling the best. Short and to the point is where I'm at.

With Sagittarius we are passing through a time of reflection and expansion. A time to look within ourselves to heal. To see past our individual struggles and learn from them. To stop pointing a finger of blame elsewhere. Look squarely at what is bugging us, deal with it, and move on. Let go of all that needless negativity. When you let something go, take a good look at how it got tangled up inside you in the first place. Do you have automatic internal devices that you throw out to defend yourself, or are you just keeping life at bay to avoid dealing with it? I think we all do that to an extent. Now is the time to really look at how you cope with things and make some serious changes. Whatever is throwing up walls, identify it, face it, and toss it away so you can move on. I've got my share of that stuff, and had been going through that mental process before I even read any of the forecasts. Funny how stuff like that happens.

The other thing that kept popping up was that there could very well be communication issues within various relationships. For the coming few months it was advised that we really need to stop, consider what we say, and how we say it. Many of the forecasts also said to be prepared for things to start coming to the surface to be dealt with. It won't be easy, but facing them and working them to resolution so they can be released is the way to go. In my experience, anything that needs to be consciously "released" isn't going to be easy to process. If it was something easy to deal with, it would have passed by unnoticed.

Finally, this is a time of completion and change. Things may seem to be blowing up in our faces, but it's important to sift through everything and brush off the not so pleasant pieces that may be there to see the important aspects and facilitate change through those. Things may fall apart, and the accompanying emotions may be difficult to handle, but it's important to feel them and maybe even teach ourselves new ways to process those things we find the most difficult. The sense I got is that we are going to go through a mental, emotional, and spiritual internal housecleaning whether we want to or not, but by working through all of it we'll learn some much needed lessons and come out the other side with a new perspective.

We had the partial lunar eclipse of June 1st; the total lunar eclipse of June 15th (today); next up up is a partial lunar eclipse on July 1st. The next partial eclipse of July 1st will be during the new moon in Cancer that falls on the same day.

Now I think I'll go enjoy some of the storm.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Just because I haven't succeeded in commenting here doesn't mean I haven't been visiting! Completion and change - sounds about right to me.

    Finally found a trick from a blog forum that seems to get round the common Blogger problem that has kept us silent - fingers crossed it works again here.

  2. Hi Deborah ~ More often than not it seems that there is always a glitch or two on here to keep up the frustration level. Oh well...moving right along...

    Nice to hear from you. I'm sure you are quite busy these days. How exciting it all must be! :)

    Yes, change is most welcome in my world. Out with the old and in with the new. It's about time, too!