Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me...

This past Sunday was my birthday. Every birthday acts as a milestone, but this last one had me hitting the half-century mark…or the “big 5-0” as some call it. Do I feel that old? Some days, yes…some days, no. On a physical level, that is. I was lucky enough to have developed RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), and Carpal Tunnel later in life than some. (I know people who have had RA since they were teenagers, and even younger…that’s why I don’t refer to it as an “old persons” ailment.) If either of the aforementioned is acting up I can feel a tad, on a physical level I do feel older from time to time. However, on a mental level I have a favorite go-to saying:
In many respects I am the same person I was 30 years ago. Okay, so I have mellowed quite a bit and I have had a lot of experiences that have shaped me as a human being. Over all I think I’m a pretty cool person. I’m not stuffy, close minded, or prone to the phrase opener, “Well, back in my day…”. I don’t wear pantsuits, attend regular visits to the hair salon to get my perm touched up, or order tacky embellished Quacker Factory sweaters off of QVC. Nope…that’s not me…at all. I feel pretty safe in saying that will never be me. I am very much an individual. Creative, open minded, and grounded. I write, paint, and dabble in many other creative arts. I have a great sense of humor, am prone to sarcasm, and I am very accepting of others. I have a very eclectic taste in music that ranges from Chopin to The Jam to Audioslave to the Divine Comedy. I have always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of person, and still am. Yea, it’s pretty safe to say that at my core I’m still the same person I’ve always been. Life has just taught me some things that have reshaped a few aspects of ‘me’.

(A bit of birthday Morticia posted by friend Anna)
Over the years I have lessened the usual pomp many expect for their yearly age lap. I subtly tip my hat as I pass by, but that’s about it. This year things were very mellow which was fine by me. I did get quite a number of birthday nods via Facebook. I have reconnected with friends I lost touch with years ago on the social site, and have made many new friends from all over the globe. Family members; Friends from high school; fellow DJs from my college days; people I worked with years ago; friends from my years as a member of a Los Angeles theater group (I lived on the west coast for a number of years); friends of mutual friends. I made quite a few friends on a forum site for fans of a particular 1980s band, and we’ve reconvened on FB. I’ve also made a few friends via this blog. The social aspects of the internet can be a beautiful thing. No, I don’t really do anything to celebrate my birthday, but it was nice seeing those ‘Happy Birthday’ messages on my Timeline.

(Shire birthday wishes from friend Spike)

(A double shot of birthday wishes Hiddleston style from BFF, Caron...yes, I have a

I did receive a few things via the mail. A card from my dad, and step-mother. My dad wrote, and I quote, “To the most special blossom in the bouquet.” I saw an invisible *snerk* attached to the end of that…I don’t doubt it’s sincere, but I also think he expected it to illicit an eye-roll from me. (*snerk*) Which of course it did. I got a nice card from my brother, and sis-in-law (picture to the left). The inside says, “Another year is toast.” That about sums it up. A great picture of the two of them with my two nephews at my nephew Karl’s graduation was enclosed. I also got a nice card from my boyfriend’s mother. Nice surprises they all were.

My boyfriend bought me my tag renewal for my Audi. Something I needed, and when asked what I wanted I suggested that he get as my gift (TY, Glenn...XOXO). I received a nice surprise from friend, Caron, who I met many moons ago on Myspace (when Myspace was cool…I miss the old Myspace). She and I are like minded on a number of things including our beliefs in the realm of paganism, and the package held a few items in that vein. A thoughtful gesture from a great person and special friend.
How does it feel to turn fifty? Honestly, it feels like any year. I don't really feel old, but I have been thinking about what I have been through and accomplished, and what I would like to do in the future. There are a number of things I have wanted to do for a long time that I still have yet to do. Some believe that destiny plays a huge part in our lives. I think it does to an extent, but there is so much about the future that is unwritten. Yes, I think certain things happen for a reason, and certain people come into our lives for a reason. There is still so much that isn't chipped into life's stone yet. We all hold our own hammer and chisel. It is through our heads and hearts that our stories flow. We have choices that influence our paths over the uncharted lands we walk. I have some personal goals that I want to shoot for, but I'm not going to move ahead with blinders on. I'm going to check out the scenery along the way. I'm writing my story as I go, and mine is going to have plenty of footnotes.

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