Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Called On Account Of Rain...

The Super Moon was a no-show for me on the night of the 10th. I knew it was up there above the rain...above the clouds. It was moving by in extreme perigee to the Earth, shining big and bright in the night sky...and I didn't get to see it. I love rain, but...all I can say is it was a big bummer.

I always look forward to each Full Moon, my trusty camera at the ready. I was hopeful that this one, the Super Moon, would be awe inspiring. In the week leading up to it I would look up noting each stage during the Full Moon's approach. The gradual reveal. Yes, it is very common during Summer here in the humid south to have a chance of rain each day. It's typical. As I said before...I was hopeful.

As with most of our storms, the thunder arrived first. It was extra grumbly, and quite loud at times. Then the rain sheets. Of course I had to venture out in it to take some photos. If it was going to keep me from seeing the Moon then I was going to photograph it instead.

By the time I got to the marshes edge my legs were soaked. I had an umbrella keeping my head and the camera dry. The hard driving rain and humidity clouding the air blocked sight of the Bull River, and everything beyond. The Bull River Bridge looked like it dropped off into limbo. The only hint of movement other than the falling rain were the bright spots of headlamps popping out of the fog when they started over the bridge.

My shoes were getting rather squishy, so I quickly snapped a few shots of the marsh and rushed back home. Back to enjoy the rest of the storm in a dry, more comfortable setting.

The following shots are from the night of August 11th. Not technically a Full Moon, but the closest I could get. Maybe if I had paid closer attention to the Moon in the days leading up to the 10th, I wouldn't have been so bummed...

There is an old saying: "Ring around the Moon means snow or rain soon." Folklore says that if there is a halo/ring around the Moon, rain is on the way. Some variations say that the number of stars visible within the light from the halo tell how many days until the rain arrives. Interesting...I wonder if the Moon had tried to clue me in? I'll be sure to pay closer attention before the Full Moon for September.

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