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Full Moon In Aquarius...August 10, 2014...

(Artist: Yuxuan Li)
It’s time for the Full Moon for August 10, 2014, and it’s in the sign of Aquarius. This particular Moon is a Super Moon (the second one for this year). It has the distinction of being in extreme perigee to the Earth, making it the closest Moon of the year.

The prominent theme for this lunation is based in the emotional realm. As with all Full Moons some past issues can and usually will come to a head. These cycles are all about taking a close look at things in an effort to work towards resolution, and release. There are an equal number of ‘water’ and ‘fire’ signs represented in the planets, which could indicate a lack of cooperation and objectivity since fixed signs tend to hold sway. However, the Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo want to work together rather than against one another. Aquarius is putting its influence into the mix by promoting strong objectivity, and thinking outside of the box. Aquarius is the only representative for the ‘air’ element, so its objectivity is needed.

This is a more thoughtful, logical Moon. It can emphasize detachment on an emotional level which can serve as helpful and healthy follow-up to emotions coming to the fore. Sometimes we sit on issue related emotions that can be quite intense…which is probably why they were stuffed away. When going through a long held emotional upheaval this influence can aid you in seeing the ‘forest for the trees’…the facts behind the emotions. Feeling and owning emotions can be difficult, but to then take an objective look at the basis of the emotional upheaval is where the lesson(s) lie. Mercury is closely conjunct the Leo Sun, spinning things to the personal. This presents positive and enthusiastic energy that can be very helpful if taken advantage of.
Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is poised to throw a wrench into the works as it is creating a strong tension aspect to the Moon in Aquarius, Mercury in Leo, and Sun in Leo. The resulting pressure can dislodge emotions or energies that you’ve been quashing. Keep the focus where it needs to be…on you. Take a good look at the choices you have made and own them. Any perceptions or emotional responses that you have had should serve as lessons. What was your part and what can you do differently next time? Look at how ‘you’ got ‘you’ to where you are, and stay away from playing the blame game. Emotions can be heavy, but rather than try to speed through them allow them to slow their roll so you can examine things more closely. Anxiety and fear are two primary adversaries we face when dealing with emotions. Don’t deny anything you may discover. Some firey issues may come to a head, and you could be faced with some tough choices. Be patient. Be courageous.

Arian Uranus is trine the Sun and Mercury conjunction (both in the sign of Leo). Uranus serves as inspiration as it’s in harmonious aspect to both luminaries.
Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is making inconjunct with transiting Uranus in Aries retrograde. Re-channel your decision making process and your energies to aid in achieving a more healthy approach to emotionally based issues for the future. Making that sort of change isn’t achieved by trying to make it a ‘one fix wonder’. These things always need to be worked at, making adjustments when and where necessary. Approach things a step/a day at a time.

(Artist: David Palladini)
Mars in Scorpios square to Jupiter in Leo is on the wane, and is becoming a strong influence to the Moon. There is also a waning trine to Neptune in Pisces pulling back on some pressure, and a waxing sextile to Pluto in Capricorn strengthening the calmer energies. The fire led positions of the Sun, Uranus, and Mercury in Leo would prefer grabbing up the reins to move forward with optimistic vim and vigor, but Saturn and Mars in the water sign of Scorpio have something to say about that. The balance is necessary…water needs to make sure fire doesn’t go off half-cocked.

There is a lot of potential during this Full Moon in Aquarius to deal with some long ignored emotional baggage, and adjust how emotional issues are dealt with into the future so said baggage isn’t replenished. Strive for the higher truth, and stay away from applying in the moment band aids to things. You deserve to allow yourself the freedom to drop your inhibitions and to feel your emotions. Allow yourself to feel love. Love for others, and more importantly for yourself.

If there are some terms in the above that you would like to know the meaning of, follow this link to a great online astrology dictionary:

The following excerpt is from the Farmer's Almanac:
  • Full Sturgeon Moon ~ August: The fishing tribes are given credit for the naming of this Moon since Sturgeon, a large fish of the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water, were most readily caught during this month. A few tribes knew it a the Full Red Moon because, as the Moon rises, it appears reddish through any sultry haze. It was also called the Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon.

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