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New Moon In Cancer...July 19, 2012...


July 19, 2012’s New Moon is in the sign of Cancer, and hits its peak at 12:25 AM/EST. During New Moons emotional veils are thinned, so there is a sense of clarity that surrounds the energies present.  Cancer is a water sign rife with feminine energy. Cancer signifies the Mother, the nurturer. This Moon is about our feminine energy, and delving into the ‘mother’ within each of us. Getting in tune with our empathic abilities, and being able to not only empathize with the emotions of others, but to empathize with ourselves, too. New Moons encourage us to look inwardly, to self-nurture, and to grow.

There is some interesting stuff going on with planetary positions this cycle. The New Moon will be making a waning aspect to Saturn in Libra. Try to maintain a balance between helping and nurturing others, while helping and nurturing yourself. The emotion card is going to be very prominent, so it’s important that you maintain a balanced maturity and fairness in all of your dealings. Intellectual Libra is all about fairness and justice. Cancer, on the other hand, is highly emotional, and is very skilled at spreading it around. Rather than dealing with issues from one position or the other, make an effort to utilize both the heart and mind in your approach. This is key as others may be coming from a place of insecurity.

Uranus and Mercury are both in retrograde motion, and in aspect to one another. If tensions get high (and they usually do, don’t they?), don’t hesitate to inject some playfulness into the mix. Also, don’t be afraid to fully express yourself. It might create some new avenues for you that you didn’t know were possible. A little spontaneity every now and again never hurt anything…well, not much. *grin*

Peaked Libran Mars will be forming an exact T-Square aspect to Uranus in Aries, Square Pluto in Capricorn. Be strong and courageous in your dealings. Make every effort to keep the peace. The Mars Square Pluto dynamic could generate some power struggles. There is a lot of good energy to help you get things done, but if advantage isn’t taken now, there is the possibility of some oppression. Uranus and Mars will be in opposition, so expect the unexpected. That’s for good or bad…it could go either way. Taking some initiative, and not allowing energy to go unused, will keep it from veering to the negative. Basically, now is a time to be proactive.

There is a Cradle Pattern with opposing Uranus and Mars acting as the base.  The top of the Cradle is comprised of Mercury in Leo Sextile Jupiter in Gemini, connected by Trines and Sextiles to Uranus and Mars. Excitement is definitely in the air. The times of New Moons are times for new beginnings, and these planetary players are about innovative projects and ideas. Turn up the volume and enjoy!

(Artist:  David Palladini)
BUT, it doesn’t end there. There is a Yod in the mix, too. The top of the Cradle (Jupiter sextile Mercury) is acting as the base, and Pluto in Capricorn is at the apex of the Yod. Things could start moving quicker than you would like, or can handle. When things seem stalled or feel like they are just turning in circles, some decide to push harder hoping to get things back on track and completed.  That is the last thing you want to do. There is potential for some new and exciting things, so this is another place where a balance of intellect and of emotions will help. Pay close attention, and listen to what is being said. Will the proposals and plans work for you? You are the only one who can be the judge. Focus on the idea, and how it pertains to you and your mental framework. If the individual who came up with the initial idea is someone you don’t necessarily jive with, does that truly matter? A good idea is a good idea.  

The cycles of the Moon have great effect on our moods, our emotional tides. During the Cancer New Moon, they will be a little closer to the surface. Getting in touch with your feminine side, and focusing on family, hearth, and home, are prominent. It’s important to delve into the core of your family, and the core of yourself. Cancer the crab has a tendency to side-step some of the more difficult issues, but this is a really good time to explore some of those older and deeper emotion based issues.  Show them some love.  Allow them to heal. As mentioned before, Cancer is a water sign. Let some healing energy flow.

There is plenty of energy to be tapped. Plant those new seeds (ideas), and maybe re-energize some that have already germinated. Remember to utilize the head along with the heart. To nurture yourself while nurturing others. Balance is key.

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