Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Moon In Pisces...February 21, 2012...

The New Moon for this month falls on February 21, at approximately 5:15 PM/EST.  It is a somewhat busy time for Pisces, as the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron, and Mercury, are all in the sign of the fish.  This is going to create a perfect platform for focusing on tolerance and acceptance, as well as forgiveness.  Take this time to release the negative weight of bitter feelings and grudges you may have towards others.  Open yourself to the positive and cleansing energy that is out there.  This is a time of love, so allow it to fill you up.  Utilizing the light of positive energy can help you forgive, which will break the hold of negativity weighing you down.

The few days leading up to the New Moon, may seem discouraging, and emotionally tiring.  This is not a time for starting anything new.  Direct your energies and time during these lead in days to finishing projects already in the works.  New Moons signal the start to new cycles, with new pathways or directions.  Once the New Moon happens it will be time for starting new projects.

During this Piscean energy, expect the possibility for confusion.  It can either bring the clouds of confusion to a situation, or the more productive energy of fertile creativity and imagination.  It's reflective of how you choose to pursue things.  Your time will be best spent on matters that pertain to creativity, and spiritual/metaphysical pursuits.

Planet Neptune whose ruling sign is Pisces, will be conjunct with the New Moon, which will magnify the theme for this cycle, spiritualism.  Neptune projects a lack of clarity, being the planet of delusion, confusion, and illusion.  It also represents compassion, creativity, and spirituality.

Chiron will also be conjunct the New Moon, so the atmosphere is ripe for starting some spiritual healing.  

Mars is still in retrograde, so there is a certain amount of internalizing with anger issues going on, and the potential for  feeling in a funk.  It shouldn't be anything intense and should pass quickly.

With Mercury in Pisces opposing Mars in retrograde, Mars and Mercury in a T-Square with the nodal axis, motivation could be low.  Thinking about something might seem easier than putting it into action.  As mentioned earlier, the theme for this time is spirituality, so your thoughts will likely lean to the spiritual.  With motivation being on the low side, it's a good time to work on the internal.  Go to a place of introspection.  Maybe find a calm place to relax, and do some meditation.  This Moon is a good time for exploring the subconscious, dreams...whatever lies below the surface.  Engage in the creative.  Involving yourself in something of a creative nature can help you escape from the dull day to day stuff.  Maybe even volunteer your time to help others.

(Constellation of Pisces)
This New Moon is trine Saturn and sextile Jupiter, which can bring a wealth of opportunities for manifesting goals that are practical and realistic.  

Jupiter is in opposition to Pluto.  As optimistic as you might feel about releasing/letting go of some serious demons, there is the potential for opening the proverbial "can of worms" in the unconscious mind.  You might find it a bit more difficult to release some of the heavier issues, so don't be surprised if you encounter a bit of a struggle.

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