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Full Moon In Leo...February 7, 2012...

(Artist: Jody Bergsma)
The February Full Moon for 2012 falls on the 7th, and in the sign of Leo.  Love and relationships are at the forefront of things this go round. The Leo Moon is in opposition to the Sun in Aquarius.  Harmony and balance are the challenges, as the mind and the heart will try to gain dominance in this emotional time. There might be a bit of turbulence in one or multiple areas.  Connections with a significant other, or family members may start to experience some upheaval as all want your attentions.

Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius are in direct opposition.  The energy created between them can cause some conflicts, so be prepared for things to get stirred up.  Really think about what you want to say before you say it, as there is great potential for letting emotions rule.  Emotional reactions can be counter-productive, and once you say something you can't erase it or take it back.

The planets will be in what can best be described as a "see-saw" pattern with the Moon in Leo, Mars in Virgo, and Saturn in Libra opposing.  With the backing of Libra, compromise and cooperation are lessons to be learned.

Saturn will be stationing retrograde in Libra, which means that it appears to have stopped moving.  This 'stationary' position says that we need to slow down and revisit some past lessons regarding our relationships. We are at about the halfway point of Saturn being in Libra.  Really look at relationships whether it's a marriage, business partner, or any other type of one-on-one relationship.  Is the relationship on a mutual foundation where you both contribute, or is it one-sided?  This is a time to makes some decisions. Should you stay, or is it time to move on?  Saturn's position can also tell both sides of a situation to take a step back to work on some things individually so they can do some healing and move forward in a more positive light.

Venus in Pisces will be in conjunct with Saturn until right after the Full Moon when it will enter Aries, and then on February 9th it will conjoin Uranus in Aries. This will all influence an internal struggle between:  wanting and needing unconditional love with a solid and committed relationship; feeling a strong need to take life in the moment and throw caution to the wind because you are putting yourself first in everything.  This could all spell disaster for someone in a relationship.  If your not in a relationship, diving right into a new one is not advised.

Other planetary positions indicate lots of loud drama for this cycle. Compounding the dramatic atmosphere is everyone feeling that they are right. Before participating in any gatherings with family and/or friends, set-up some ground rules to thwart any impending negatives.  It is also very important this cycle to spend some face-to-face time with those we care about. Communicate in person rather than sending an e-mail, especially if an apology is in order.

Like stationary Saturn, this is a time to stop and take a breather.  Center yourself and work on being kind to others, and being patient.  With people only seeing their own side of things, this is a great time to learn.

The following information is from the Old Farmer's Almanac:

  • Full Snow Moon - February  Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February's moon the Full Snow Moon.  Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult.

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