Sunday, November 20, 2011


The Sun.  I don't really get along with the Sun.  It's hot.  It's bright.  It burns me, and I don't have the consolation of at least developing a tan from it.  I appreciate its' role in the cycles of nature.  I appreciate its' place in the realm of the metaphysical.  I appreciate it's place in the Cosmos. I guess I would just have to say that I am a bit disgruntled with the Sun these days.  The days have gotten shorter as Autumn has taken over, but the temperatures are still approaching 80 degrees.  My sweaters are crossing their arms in disgust.  I love rainy weather, and here in the humid south we get quite a bit normally. We haven't had near the rainfall we need.  I realize that the issue of reduced rainfall isn't really the Sun's fault, per I said, we've never really gotten along.

Then there is my photographer side.  The one aspect of myself that appreciates the presence of the sun, merely as a light source.  I don't use a flash 95% of the time, so the Sun has it's purpose there.  I do prefer to shoot during overcast weather or at night, but the Sun can offer dramatic effects to daytime pictures.  The pictures in this post were snapped during my stroll yesterday, and the sun played a key part.  I have taken quite a few pictures of the sun over the years, from straight on.  It's brilliance can have wonderful effect.  My eyes do get a bit spotty after the first few, so I tend to take pictures of the Sun here and there.  Anyway, I was thrilled to see the picture above. Without knowing it, I captured a butterfly in silhouette as he flew in front of the lens.  Most of my shots of the Sun are surprises, in that I never get a completely clear look at what is happening in the shot because of the searing brightness of Sol's rays.  So...I guess I can cut the Sun some slack...

There are a variety of trees around the marsh.  Some have colorful leaves, some are naked, some are crooked limbed and green.  All are covered with Spanish Moss.  Talk about your dramatic accessory.  There is something so delightfully mysterious about the energy that pervades Savannah.  Something Mystical. The Moss is ever present, and a dominant player.

Colors.  Textures.  Mother Nature's artwork.  She has a vast canvas in the Earth, and she never disappoints.

I traverse many of the same paths when I go out for a walk, but I always see something new.  I also see things that I have seen before, but in a new way.  I couldn't pay for better therapy.  Nature...the great cure all.

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