Saturday, November 8, 2014

Everything Is Not Black & White...But Sometimes It Should Be...

The marsh. My little corner of Gaia that acts as one of my creative muses. I photograph it frequently, documenting it's moods and seasonal changes. Whether being drenched in rain pouring from a grumbling and lightning riddled sky, or being caressed gently by the lazy breezes of an autumnal dusk, it always exudes a serene and magical vibe of centered calm. Many a time I have walked the shores of my marsh here on the Georgia coast. Many a time I have been swept up by the soothing breath of Gaia to feel the comforting embrace of the swaying marsh grasses, the trees, the herons probing the mud of the marsh floor for food, and the hawks riding thermals overhead. To feel nature all around you is the most incredible feeling. I hold the belief that everything is connected. Every living thing is connected by a strong thread of energy. With the trials of everyday life it can make us forget can make us slip into a state of disconnect. Going out my front door, camera in hand, is my way of reconnecting.

Now that I have been promoted to full time at the mine my opportunities for evening strolls have diminished. When a chance presents itself I grab it with both hands. Especially since Autumn is here in all of her moody glory. A couple of evenings ago just such a chance arose, so I didn't hesitate to grab the digital and walk out into the fresh air. Even though I head out without a plotted course in mind I do visit some of the same spots. They may be repeat visits, but I always see something new or see things in a different way. The grasses of the marsh while once bright green and standing tall, are now colored with the browns and mustard yellows of the changing temperatures. They are heading towards the approaching days of dormancy and death that are inevitable for the time of renewal and rebirth several months off.

The cicada's song once dominated the air here, but this walk was different. It was quieter. The whisper of the gentle breezes in the drying leaves and abundant Spanish moss could be heard. The rustle of unseen creatures in the flora could be heard. The low murmur of voices coming from nearby condos could be heard. All forms of nature existing and moving along in rhythm. All a part of the thread.

The light level was waning during my walk...which is a common component of dusk. *grin* As things grow darker, and shadows form and grow lengthier, the world looks different. The mood I have repeatedly mentioned steps forward more. The beauty of things shifts. The absence of strong color forces a different perspective. When I returned home and uploaded my pictures I hung onto that thought of the color of the marshes not being as prevalent. I took things even farther and did something I really haven't done with my photos. Usually I like to mess with some of the pictures I take by playing with color, and applying different effects (switching them into negative, etc.). This time I took color out of the mix and went for black and white.
(The docks remains ~ a photography haunt of mine)
This was the first of the photos that I converted. My first observation was how it made me see more of the shape and the line of the image's elements. It was as if things were laid bare and shown in their simplest form. Then what came through made things more abstract. The grey. The component that really brought in the mood. A different mood. Different than the mood of color, but not off-putting. Quite the opposite. I really dig what black and white does for these images because it feels 'right' for the time the photos were taken. New sides of the marsh I have grown to know well.

All of the things represented in these photos are things I have photographed before. Autumns past have been documented in pictures, but these are the first images that I have laid bare. As I mentioned earlier, things or places I have photographed always seem to present something fresh or new to me when I revisit them. This is yet another perspective to observe them. Another way to view the beauty of Mother Earth.

I'm a bit surprised that I hadn't ventured into the area of "B&W" photography before now...there will definitely be more to come...

(The marsh expanse I never tire of)

(Old stump near the dock remains)

(Pampas grass)

(Bird house in a Dogwood tree along the tidal creek - one I've photographed in leafier times)

(Some nuts from one of the trees - not sure which)

(A couple of our neighbor's homes on the other side of the tidal creek behind our condo - the tide is out)


  1. I am surprised you've not played with black and white before now.

    I particularly like the pampas grass, and the old stump.

    1. I know...with all of the futzing I do with my photos one you would think I would have played with that...I guess I've been stuck in color mode...I like the stump, as well...thanks :)