Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween...2014...

The thinning of the veils is taking place, and the pagan New Year is about to begin. Samhain, Halloween, All Hallows...whatever one wishes to call my favorite of the holidays. Autumn has fully settled in, and the spirit of the season is at it's strongest.

Unfortunately, I seem to be coming down with something, so I wasn't up to "going out among them" (as my dad would say). We had planned to head up to our local watering hole to observe whatever festivities would be going on. I haven't been up there in quite awhile, so it would have been nice to go. Glenn made a solo appearance, and the report I got when he returned was that the scene there was dead. Meaning there were hardly any people there. *grin* It seemed I didn't miss anything, so that alleviated some of my disappointment.

I did run errands as today was a day off (gotta love feeling ill on a day off). The stores were packed with people buying last minute Halloween supplies. Cart loads of candy, mostly. When leaving the market, I saw a couple of costumed kiddies. A pint size Spiderman, and a mini-War Machine. On my drive home from there I saw other 'Trick or Treaters' that seemed to all be heading to the same place. Don't know where or what that place might be...I just know they weren't headed to the condos here. We never have anyone ring our doorbell asking for candy. Children do live here. They just never seem to make the rounds.

I did expend some of my low supply of remaining energy to take a few pictures of the All Hallows sky. By the time I got home the orange glow coloring the clouds had diminished a bit. The sun sets on the far side of the trees, so I don't usually get to see it in my neck of the woods. The crisp air felt great.

The moon was visible as it made it's way through it's celestial paces. The 'fingernail' appearance of several days ago had changed to what resembled half of a breath mint. As I was taking a few shots of Luna I lucked out as a number of herons flew overhead. I managed to get this shot of four of them, their large wings beating the air in tandem.

Tomorrow I report back to the mine, but even though I will be hard at work the Samhain spirit will be strong. To the pagans, a blessed Samhain to you all. To everyone else, Happy Halloween.

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