Friday, June 13, 2014

Full Moon In Sagittarius...June 13, 2014...

June’s Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius is a special one. It is the Full Moon nearest to Litha (Summer Solstice), and it is on Friday the 13th which won’t happen again until August 13, 2049. As much as I would like to be present for that one, I think I will most likely have passed on from this mortal coil. *grin* Aside from the mythic beliefs of doom and gloom that surround this day, things are not too dramatic for this lunar phase even if they seem it. Sagittarius the archer is broad minded and clear thinking. Typically gregarious, the energies for this cycle are more in tune with the mutable nature(s) of the sign.

Full Moons are always about turning the high beams on, which can reveal issues that have been forgotten, avoided, or even those that have not really been acknowledged before. Lunar phases are about connecting with your subconscious on an emotional level. They are about nurturing the self.

Sitting in opposition to the Moon is the Sun in Gemini. The opposition between the archer and the twins is not so bad as they both have many similar traits. Although Sagittarius is a fire sign, and Gemini is an air sign, things are a bit ‘watery’ at the moment as there is a preponderance of cardinal water signs. Also, Cancer has its claw in in a number of ways.

Jupiter and Mercury (the rulers of Sagittarius and Gemini respectively) are both in Cancer. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling a homebody rather than being the life of the party. Cancerian Jupiter is inconjunct the Sagittarian Moon, and semi-sextile the Sun in Gemini. Things are a bit awkward between the three signs. The twins would like to play things close to the vest and keep to one’s own space, while the archer doesn’t have much interest in hearth and home in deep contrast to the crab. Jupiter pushes the importance of paying attention to family and close friends.

Saturn in Scorpio and Venus in Taurus are approaching an opposition, putting love in the mix. Give due consideration to the romantic relationship in your life. Issues of a sensitive nature are rarely easy to broach, but it is important to take the step forward and approach things with honesty. It is advised that anything that could trigger the green eyed monster be avoided. Piscean Chiron is trine Saturn, and sextile Venus. It’s not only a good time to address sensitive issues in general, but specifically those issues that you find difficult. Subjects that trigger feelings of inadequacy, or fear of a break up. Be kind to those you love, and most importantly yourself. Patience is key.

(Artist: David Palladini)
You may feel the desire to embark on an adventure, and travel. Sagittarius tends to open horizons, and expand the consciousness. Before you grab this wanderlust with both hands, make sure it is what is healthy, and not an attempt to escape. Really consider what life is handing you. Running away rarely solves anything.
There is emotional pressure being exerted by Libran Mars in final aspect to Pluto in Capricorn retrograde. This will be carried over into next week with Uranus in Aries. It may seem overwhelming, but pull from your inner strength to soldier through.

As stated before we have the Full Moon, it’s Friday the 13th, AND Mercury is in retrograde in the sign of Cancer (the claw again). This Mercury is about wanting to look within. Instead of talking things through it wants to mull on things for itself. Some old irritating exchanges with those close to you could be put back under the microscope. Mercury in Cancer doesn’t forget, so why should you? Know that you don’t have to forget something to forgive the other party.

Allow yourself to open up, and be honest to those close to you. Respecting others feelings brings respect in return. Face things head on, but with kindness. Remember to nurture the most important element of it all…yourself.

If there are terms in the above that you are unfamiliar with, this is a link to a great online astrological dictionary:

The following excerpt is from the Farmer's Almanac:

  • Full Strawberry Moon: This name was universal to every Algonquin tribe. However, in Europe they called it the Rose Moon. Also because the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year during the month of June, the full Moon that occurs during that month was christened for the strawberry.

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