Sunday, April 28, 2013

Earth Days & Images...

Another day draws to a close here on the marsh. Spring has definitely sprung, the temperatures wavering between the low 60’s, and upper 70’s. Today was another day in the trenches at my part-time gig. I’m looking forward to a decent night’s sleep…tomorrow is a day off. A day off with predicted thunderstorms. 90% chance of rain according to the weather scan channel. I dig rain, so I’m looking forward to it. For me, rain and productivity go hand in hand. I’m in need of some creativity.

Trying to get a grasp on my daily schedule since becoming a part of the working world again has proven slightly daunting. My work shifts don’t usually last more than 5 to 5 ½ hours, but they are placed in the scope of my day in just the right way to make scheduling my time difficult. Three main areas of my life are: Work; Housework; Creative Time. So far, the first two are biting into the third…which, of course, is what I deem to be the most important area. I have had a few art projects waiting in the wings for weeks, and my blog hasn’t seen much action for just as long. It’s my blog that I am tackling first. Time to travel back a bit to grab my formula for posting on here…back to my blog’s beginnings. Not regressing…just retrieving the original essence to put it back into play.

(Bird houses, Camilia blooms, and new fern fronds.)
I have always posted what I have been moved to post. That has never changed.  What did change was a slowly evolving ‘expectation’ I placed on myself, in the guise of what I thought other people expected. Certain posts that I felt readers had come to expect from me. I claim responsibility for unintentionally nurturing this ‘expectation’. For the most part, I think it to be self-imposed. (I could go deeper into trying to relate what I perceive this “self-imposed” expectation to be, but that would just be tedious for me to write, and for you to read…moving on.) The change will probably be noticed more by me than anyone else, but it needs to happen. This blog is important to me, and it needs to be the organic creature it once was.

Last Monday (the 22nd) was Earth Day. A day set aside to give props to the planet. One measly day. I look at every day as Earth day. After all, the Earth doesn’t live off of us…

The various photos in this post were taken over the last couple of weeks. Gaia has shown several of her moods in that time. Cool, warm, sunny, rainy, breezy, windy, calm. I captured some of them during my strolls. Strolls that are becoming more regular again, thankfully. It doesn’t matter how long or short my walks are, just as long as I take them. Walking outside and communing with nature for even a few minutes does wonders for my mental health. A little nature induced stress relief and relaxation should be a regular part of anyone’s health regimen…in my opinion.

(This photo and the one above it were from an overcast, and rather windy, day on the marsh. The strength of the wind was seen in low lying chop on the water's surface.)
I’m posting some of my photos from the last couple of weeks in much belated honor of Earth Day…and every other day…which I also think of as Earth Days…
(These shots are of a blooming Sago Palm by the  condos pool area.  I think this is in the later stages of the bloom cycle...strangely beautiful, it looks like an alien face-hugger might come flying out.)
(Radiant sun, Dogwood blooms, blades of grass.)
(Spanish Moss covered tree, Honeysuckle blooms (when I was young I would pinch off the end connected to the flower's stem and pull the stamen out...the drop of "honey" clinging to it was so sweet), and a mottled brown leaf that looks to be from one of the many Magnolia trees around here.)
(No stroll would be complete without paying a visit to the marsh side picnic table on the far side of the pond.)

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