Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Full Moon Musings...

The past couple of weeks have been an adjustment, as I've been getting back into the groove of being (somewhat) gainfully employed. I have had my pictures of the Gemini Full Moon of November 28th uploaded and ready to post, but day to day life was getting in the way. Spending time on my blog is something that needs to happen. It's something I must do. So here I am...spending some much needed time on my blog...

(Artist: Julie L. Hoddinott)
I was born at the tail end of the month of July, which makes me a Leo on the astrological charts. Not all of the traits Leo's are said to possess I will admit to. I can be very 'encouraging', 'loyal' (to a fault in some cases), and 'generous'. 'Ambition' and 'confidence' are two that are said to be strong in Leos. I can say that I am both, but along specific lines. I have many creative talents, so any ambitions I have would definitely lean in that direction. I am confident in many ways, but not to the point where it makes me unbearable to be around (I have known a few like that...have wanted to pop them in the head). The last trait I will mention is 'independent'. I am very independent, and am perfectly content to spend time with me. The overall zodiacal breakdown of the sign of Leo has many more layers to it, but I'm not going to delve any deeper.

As I sat down to get my Moon photos ready to post, I started thinking about how much I appreciate the Moon. It shines at night, and I have always preferred the night time. So much so that I often joke about there being vampires on my family tree. The outside world during the night is so magical and mysterious. The sounds, shadows, and dark recesses are particular to the hours that Luna occupies the sky. I find my connection with the Moon interesting...since I was born under a fire sign.

Leo's ruling "planet" is the Sun. (I don't know why they count the Sun as a planet since it is obviously a star.) The sun and I have never been on good terms. Spending lengthy amounts of time in the blazing rays of a summer sun has pretty much always resulted in red searing pain. I do remember being able to hang out at the pool, and being able to tan, when I was young. I'm not really clear why things changed, but they did in my twenties. Maybe it has to do with my auto-immune disease, Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism). Who knows? I don't do well in the heat, and my eyes don't do well in bright light. If I had my druthers, I would stay in all day and get stuff done at night. Too much of daily life happens during daylight hours, rendering that thought useless. As much distaste as I have for the sun, I do my best to tolerate it's unavoidable presence.
The sign that is associated with the Moon is Pisces. The sign of the fish has traits that...well, traits (some of which) I feel describe me better than Leo the lion. 'Imaginative', 'accepting', 'devoted', 'compassionate', 'adaptable'...all of those describe me. On the down side, Piscean people are said to be 'escapist', 'overly sensitive', and 'indecisive'. All of those register a "yes and no" with me. Hmm...oh, who am I trying to kid? I am a Leo who despises her sign's ruling celestial body. Not much I can do about changing that, so I'll just continue to be a Leo who has an intense dislike for the sun.

November's Full Moon was beautiful. Once I could see it. Here on the Georgia coast we had experienced some rain, and the sky was still filled with dense cloud cover during the day of the 28th. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would have to miss seeing the Full Moon. It was to be a special one, too, as it was to be accompanied by a lunar eclipse. Would I have gotten to see the effects of the eclipse? No, not really. There were some subtle effects visible with the naked eye. For about a half an hour before and after the peak/maximum of the eclipse, light grey shading would be visible along the northern 'limb' of the Moon.

As darkness descended over the marsh, I ventured outside a few times to check the sky. Just in case. I noticed some small areas where holes were appearing in the cloud cover, but nothing large scale. The last trip out, I was turning to go back inside when I noticed some brightness through the black line of tree tops along the marsh edge. Bingo! My sense of hope started to return. I grabbed the camera, tripod, and headed towards where I hoped the Moon would be.

It was there, but clouds still covered it. I decided to wait a bit to see if Luna would make an appearance. The clouds dispersed a little here and there, only the brilliant rays shining through. Then little by little the Moon appeared.
I look forward to the Full Moon each month. Such beauty, and energy. It marks the culmination of things. A time to deal with and resolve issues, so you can cut them lose. The brilliant round Moon shines its cleansing light. I really dig the Moon. It's the Earths satellite and nearest piece of the cosmos...another interest of mine...

Up next, the Cancer Full Moon of December 28th...

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