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Full Moon In Cancer...December 28, 2012...

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December 28th, at 6:23 AM/EST, is the final Full Moon of 2012, and this one is in the sign of Cancer (whose planetary ruler is the Moon). As always, Full Moon phases represent the culmination of things. They also represent a time when squashed and hidden issues of an emotional nature can rise to the surface for much needed (and sometimes strongly recommended) attention.

Cancer is a water sign whose energy resides within the ambitious Cardinal modality. When in top form, the sign of the crab is both dynamic and powerful. Its fluidity can flow past obstacles, and help clear away road blocks. This moon phase is about the hidden being revealed; the buried being uncovered. Emotional memories and baggage getting uncovered so new light can be shone on them. These memories and emotional issues can come from any point on the spectrum, from the sweet to the heavy. There is much strong energy to be utilized during this lunation, and it’s not only ripe for healing but also transformation.

There is one main configuration of note for this phase. Pluto in Capricorn is conjunct the Sun, both opposing the Cancer Moon, while making a tense square to Uranus in Aries. These aspects will be making emotional matters rather tumultuous at times. You may need to board the ‘emotional roller coaster’ at some point to help move things to a place where you can see things more clearly. You may encounter a surprise or two along the way, but don’t let them sway you from the task at hand: focusing on old emotional issues and baggage, so you can heal/transform them so they no longer have adverse effects on your life moving forward.

The foundations of these emotion based issues are primarily of a relationship nature (but they usually are…so much of our lives are affected by the relationships we have with others). Familial, financial, even the relationship we have with ourselves. This is the time to clean, heal, and change when necessary, those emotional bocks we have been sitting on. This moon can assist in bringing you back some clarity and emotional strength. Don’t be afraid to allow confidence in. Be receptive. Be open. Express yourself, and allow the healing to happen.
(Artist: David Palladini)

Don’t let any initial chaos sway you from moving forward and through any emotional upheavals. On the other side of the issue sits clarity and light. The flow of the water sign will help loosen issues that need tending to, and by embracing the healing energies of this lunation the cleansing can happen. It is advisable that you focus on yourself and take stock of how you respond/react to things in general. During the peak day of the phase and the couple of days following, there is great potential for crankiness, and passive-aggressive behavior. If you find yourself feeling a tad moody, try to keep tabs on just how cranky you are being.

As the year 2012 draws to a close, think of this emotional healing as an element of any preparations you are making for entering into the New Year.

Out with the old, and in with the new.

The following excerpt is from the Farmer's Almanac:

  • The Full Cold Moon; or the Full Long Nights Moon ~ During this month the winter cold fastens its grip, and nights are at their longest and darkest. It is also sometimes called the Moon before Yule. The term 'Long Night Moon' is a doubly appropriate name because the midwinter night is indeed long, and because the Moon is above the horizon for a long time. The midwinter Full Moon has a high trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low Sun.

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