Monday, March 19, 2012

NASA & 2012...

The year 2012 is here.  December 21st is less than 300 days away.  People the world over have been lamenting the alleged ancient signs of imminent disaster.  So far the fanatics have been fairly quiet out there.  When I watch TV, I catch a mention of the dreaded date from time to time, but nothing major. Some of the cable networks have been running the mediocre film based on the now infamous date, which is to be expected.  I imagine there will be an increase over the next several months of shows on Discovery, The History Channel, etc., that cover the dread scenarios.  Nat Geo (a.k.a. The National Geographic Channel) has a new offering called "Doomsday Preppers".  It features people who have gone to the extreme in preparing for the disaster they are convinced is coming.  Bunkers and shelters; food and water; clothing that will protect against the predicted horrible conditions.  I read an article about the show where one of the producers was sharing his hopes for viewers.  He said that he hoped it would empower them to prepare themselves.  Having lived in California for about 18 years, I understand the need to be somewhat prepared.  I went through the North Ridge quake of the early '90's, so I know the importance of a working flashlight, etc.  I would imagine some will take away some helpful tips, but the trailers I have seen show people who have gone over the deep end.  Honestly, if they are predicting the world will go through the changes they are preparing for, their preparations will be for naught...I doubt anything will be able to live in that kind of environment.  It's kind of like putting a Band Aid on a decapitation.

This makes my third post regarding the 2012 grumblings.  (You can find my other posts in the 'Labels' section of the right hand column.  Just click on "Mayan".)  I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I'll find out what happens when everyone else does.  My prediction is that nothing will happen.  However, if any of the predictions do come true, I vote for the more 'crunchy granola' entry on the list.  A change in more of a spiritual/metaphysical sense. Definitely something I can jive with.

There are times when things have to get really bad, before they can get really good.  There are those who say that this is the case with the 2012 date.  Are things really bad right now?  Yeah.  They are.  Our economy is in the crapper. Unemployment is up.  Not only do the current presidential hopefuls look bleak, Washington DC is full of career politicians who are more concerned with themselves than 'we the people' who elected them.  If one were to sit down and really analyze the state of things over all, well it is insane making.  Some say that we are going through such taxing times because there is going to be a shift happening at years end.  In a previous post, I shared an online video regarding "Ophiuchus, The 13th Cycle" because I thought that in the midst of all the doom and gloom talk out there, the theory outlined on the video was a bit more compelling.  Here is a link to that post.

My main reason for posting again about 2012...well, it was bound to happen anyway, but the main reason for this particular post is the following video.  One of the primary Doomsday predictions is the one surrounding a certain planet. A planet that belongs to another solar system, and travels its orbital path right through our solar system.  There are a few popular names for said planet: Planet X, Nemesis, Nibiru.  Many say that it truly exists, and NASA has been keeping the truth from the public.  Why cause a panic, right?  NASA employee, Don Yeomans, of the "Near-Earth Object Program" has decided to clear some things up.  Check it out...

He makes some good points.  Especially the one about Nibiru being kept secret.  How could such a planet exist and not be a huge topic on the news? NASA certainly doesn't employ the only astronomers on the planet.  Whether astronomers are professionals or hobbyists, if a planet were heading towards us, the news would be out on a much bigger scale.  

Yes, Mr. Yeomans is a man of science, and of course his views are based there.  Science can explain some things, but not others.  Nibiru and solar storm activity...I think science can safely explain those.  But what about the intangible?  Those things that can easily fall into the realm of the metaphysical?  Some things defy explanation, but just...are.  That's what I find intriguing.

I don't really expect anything to happen on December 21st.  I suspect it will be a cool winter day, and many of the carbon based life forms on the Earth's surface will be scrambling around trying to get their Christmas shopping done. If planets do align and something heavy happens on a spiritual front, I will relish every moment.  If something horrible and catastrophic happens, I'll...well, I won't relish every moment of that...I'm just going to shift into 'wait and see' mode for now.

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